3 Ways to Manage Finance

A young lady auditioned for a reality show and got in. On the first day, she was asked,  “You have a good job, so why are you here?” she replied “I have a good job, but I’m broke and I need the money”. Her reply is the situation of things in many people’s lives today. Everyone wants a good job, but when you get there, you discover that a good job and a good salary will never give you enough money to do every single thing that you want to do.

Resources are never sufficient to satisfy all needs! This is something you learn as you go along in life. Human beings are insatiable. It might be pretty difficult to realize that now because you might be able to get enough from your parents to buy all of the latest Yeezy sneakers and designer clothes, get the latest play station and phones, and travel around the world frequently. However in a couple of years as soon as you are out of the university and have completed your N.Y.S.C. and you probably now have bills to pay, you will discover that money is never enough. No matter how much food you buy, it would eventually get finished or get spoilt; the latest clothes would always get outdated; and as you get richer you would discover that there is so much more you need to do that you need more resources to do. Sad, right?

So what can be done to ensure that you can get all you want and achieve all you want? Unfortunately no matter how much you increase the resources available to you, you would never get enough, so the best you can do is to MANAGE IT. Yes, that is the means to addressing the situation of scarce resources. In other to enjoy life, you must learn to manage all that comes into your hands. This is the only way to protect yourself from being broke and unable to achieve your dreams. So how do you manage your resources?

  • Priority list

You must create a priority list for yourself at every point in time. You might not see it as very important to you now, but what you give importance to will determine where you would be tomorrow. If you continue following all the latest fashion trends from Rihanna and Beyoncé instead of reading for your W.A.E.C., when it’s time for exam, you might have nothing to write, and this might lead to you not entering into the university. This also applies to the money you have. You must acknowledge what’s most important to you, your survival and progress and spend money on that first before directing money to other things

  • Keep Records

You might have a lot of uncles and aunties giving you a lot of money now, but sometimes you discover that all of a sudden the money is finished. Why does this always happen? It is not because money has legs to run away, but because there are always a lot of things to spend money on. So you must keep a record of what you spend money on. That way, you can know how your money went away when it is finished.

  • Compare your records with your priority list

Always check whether you have spent money on what is most important. If you don’t do this, there is a tendency that you would have wasted money that you could have enjoyed better

Money moves very quickly and we can never ever fully have enough, but we can ensure that we never let being broke prevent us from achieving all that we want to achieve. So take charge today, and prepare against tomorrow!

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