Basic First Aid

The first Four basic rules of First Aid are: The

Assess the scene

Evaluate the scene

Assess safety

Prioritize care


Also, Check for medical alert tags

Do head-to-toe check

Move only if necessary


If the victim is not Breathing-

Administer CPR:

Lay the person on his or her back

Give chest compressions

Tilt head slightly

Breathe into the person’s mouth

Continue until EMS personnel arrive


 If the victim is Bleeding-

Stop the flow of blood

Wear gloves

Cover the wound

Apply pressure

If a body part has been amputated, put it on ice


If the victim Faints

 Check for breathing

Administer CPR if necessary

Call emergency personnel if more than a few minutes

If conscious, lay the victim down with feet elevated


If the victim has epileptic seizures-

Remove victim from hazards

Check for breathing and nothing in the mouth

Keep comfortable.


 If the victim has a heart attack

Call emergency personnel

Make victim comfortable

Loosen tight clothing

Check for medication

Keep victim still

Don’t give stimulants


If the victim is choking

Ask the person to speak or cough

Deliver 5 back blows

Perform abdominal thrusts

Repeat sequence of back blows and abdominal thrusts

 If abdominal thrusts don’t work

Try a finger sweep of the throat

Call emergency personnel


Electrical Shock

Don’t touch!

Turn power off

Call emergency personnel

Remove person from live wire

Check for breathing


Heat Exhaustion

Move to cool place

Lay victim down

Elevate feet

Loosen clothing

Give fluids

Apply cool compresses

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