June Newsletter

Hurray! The month of June is here and of course to signal the end of the first half of the year and I hope you have made good use of the previous months, not merely existing but practically living a well planned out life; don’t forget, it is the way you lay your bed that you will lie on it. Well, this is not to make you fret, rather, to make you more conscious of becoming successful not just in your academics but in all area of your life.

Socrates said “an unexamined life is not worth living” I said that to inform you that you can still get things on the right track if you are afraid, and even if you are on the right path you can do better. You may want to ask how? To answer your question, I will like you to take a little time out to appraise and evaluate yourself, your achievements and flaws so far, see where you have gone wrong and make corrections, and also what you have done right and improve on them. A simple step to check strengths and weaknesses is for you to draw a check list on yourself, rate your achievements and failures in the previous months on a scale of 1-10 and see. Simple right?

In this month, our bloggers shall be hammering on Creativity because it is one of the sure ways to bringing out the best in you, therefore we are excited to bring to you topics that will bring you out from your comfort zone and cause you to make a difference in your world, I will like you to comb through ours blogs from time to time and do not be selfish, invite your friends to the site and be adequately informed and equipped

Lastly, before I say goodbye for now, just my way of wishing you a Happy New Month! I have got six (6) anonymous nuggets for you and please do not take them lightly. Best wishes.

  • The competition is not with others but with your past so always strive to be better than yesterday
  • There is no excuse for failure and a room for mediocrity is not an option
  • Better is not good enough, the best is yet to come
  • Give your best in any and everything you do
  • There is no crowd at the top
  • To get the juice from an orange, it must go through squeezing process
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