3 Barriers to Dedication

Dedication is a powerful tool that helps us to achieve our goals. Sometimes, our set goals may seem impossible to accomplish because of several factors. Yet, we are told that dedication determines our success. We must do everything to overcome the barriers to dedication so we can achieve our goals.

Some of the barriers to dedication are highlighted below;


When you lack belief in a cause or yourself, it means you don’t think it is possible for things to change or for you to be successful in what you are doing. This makes it hard for you to achieve your goals. Imagine if you were going to write an examination and you thought you were going to fail! You can bet that the motivation to study will not be found. However, if you believe in yourself, it becomes easier to be dedicated to study because you know that you can pass the exams. Belief in yourself gives you an assurance that you can succeed.




Passion is that strong desire that makes you want to succeed in anything you do. It is impossible to succeed without passion. When you lack passion, you cannot be dedicated to anything and the only thing you will see is the difficulty and impossibility of your goal. But when you are passionate, the desire to succeed will make you dedicated and provide the energy to overcome any obstacle on your way to success. Think about the times when you had to wake up early because you were excited about an upcoming trip or event.




Absence of the end from the beginning might end in frustration. It is difficult to be dedicated to a goal when there is no clear and definite path to follow. A plan helps you become dedicated to your goal. Say for example, you have decided to dedicate your time to develop yourself this month by reading a book. In order to be successful, you have to plan what days and what times you are going to be reading because you are aware that there is school work and chores at home that you have to complete. It will also be helpful for you to write this plan down. This makes it easier to follow.

I will encourage you to consciously choose to be dedicated to worthy goals such as developing yourself. 

Do you know of any other barriers? I will love to hear from you in the comments section.

To our success!

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