4 Steps to Handle Bullying

Bullying is repetitive aggressive behaviour towards another person. It can happen verbally, through throwing of insults or hurtful words, physically, by hurting a person or destroying his property. 

Let’s put aside the big words for a moment. Does anyone hurt or threaten to hurt you at school? Are you afraid to go to school because of a particular person? Is anyone spreading false rumors about you at school? Chances are you are being bullied. Bullying can start slowly and build up to physical violence or it can just remain verbal but no matter how it starts the fact remains that it eats at ones’ self esteem. It makes you question yourself and puts you in an impossible situation where you think you can’t win. 

There are a few ways to handle bullying.

The first step is to report the matter to the school authorities. Speak to a teacher you trust and explain what is happening.

The second step is to speak to your parents. When they know what is happening, they can support you. Knowing you have someone in your corner is important through these kinds of trying times.

Thirdly, always move with your friends. When a bully knows that you have people to stand up to him, he’ll usually avoid those scenarios.

Lastly, know that it is not your fault! Bullying happens as a result of that person’s insecurities and character flaws. Do not be afraid to speak up for yourself but try not to get into a fight.

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