4 Ways to Tolerance and Perseverance

The presence of tolerance and perseverance is not the absence of fear, pain or hard times. You might think the best student in your class at one point or the other will never want to quit, but the truth is that tolerance and perseverance is usually about keeping going on even though you really want to stop.

So how can you develop this all important life’s value? How do you push on when academics and life in general feels hard and impossible?

You can actually master this important life’s value called tolerance and perseverance by mastering the four (4) steps below;


  1. Set Goals

You just must set clear goals so you can clearly see where you are going to. At a point in my secondary school days one of my goals was to score a minimum of 70 out of 100 in mathematics. This clear goal that I set for myself served as a reminder of the prize that awaits me after going through hours of solving mathematics. So you must set clear goals so you can tolerate and persevere through any challenge on your way to success.

  1. Take a step

Don’t spend all day thinking on the goal you have set for yourself. You will need to focus on actions to carry out immediately after setting your clear goals; so you can start making progress no matter how little it looks or feel. It is consistently carrying out these little actions that will someday enable you reaching or accomplishing your set goal.

  1. Set your pace

Once you start taking actions daily you don’t want to find yourself back where you started from in a week or a month later; so avoid carrying out so many activities that will burn you out. As the old saying tells us, slow and steady often wins the race. So carry out the daily actions in a way that you can handle consistently.

  1. Just keep going on

That your daily consistent action will lead you to your goal someday is something you should always keep in your mind. This is because the basics of perseverance is in going all out to reach a goal while putting everything in place to make it a reality without giving up.

Sometimes you will be well and truly stuck — maybe you’ve come down with an illness or something unexpected. This doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to keep going on. There always will be something you can do to keep going on.

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