Just as the saying goes ‘knowledge is power’; but it is the application of this power in knowledge that leads to success. In the same light, it is the application of creativity that brings success; truth is anyone anywhere can be creative but what makes you stand out.

Creativity is more than producing that clever, new something, it is a vitally important facet to human development, and it drives us to not only create but innovate.

Applying creativity cuts across every sphere of life, it could be the way one, talk, dress, and work. It applies to different field s of study- artistically, scientifically etc. But right now we shall be placing emphasis on your talent, skills, and intellect.

Please note that if you are skillful or talented and you are not applying your creative ability towards problem solving to your benefit and to change your world, you are like that individual who is privileged to get an education, has all textbooks but will not read; and so is not different from that individual who is not privileged like him/her.

A close look at the word ‘CREATIVITY’, you will find that the first syllable ‘CREATE’ which means to invent something new while the second and third respectively is ATIVITY; permit me to add a ‘C’ after ‘A’, it will now form  the word ‘ACTIVITY’ which means the state of doing something and being active to achieve an success.


Applying creativity involves taking positive actions, using your skills, talents, and intellect towards success.

In order for our creative ability not to be a total waste or domicile, four important steps for applying creativity are listed below;

  1. Be innovative: for you to be innovative, you need to first believe in yourself, that you have the capacity to do something new and different, you must be able to think outside the box
  2. Be active and determined: applying creativity involves action, no room for being passive
  3. Build yourself: You need to continually build yourself to remain valuable
  4. Do not be afraid or concerned about criticism: while you are applying your creativity for tomorrow’s success story, always expect criticism, it helps you to do better


  • It makes you a problem solver thereby contributing to your nation
  • You will be recognized: it singles you out and causes you to be seen; once an individual is different, he or she is easily noticed
  • It keeps you engaged and increases your self confidence
  • Productive thinking helps in reducing stress
  • It makes provision for you; again in the word CREATE the word ‘EAT’ is right in the middle; this implies that one’s innate ability to invent can make provisions for him or her.


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