April Newsletter

Oh! How I love holidays! It’s a great time to rest, refresh and catch up on all the things you missed due to school. Who knew one could have so much free time on their hands? Let’s not forget that an idle mind breeds unsavory thoughts so it’s great to keep yourself busy this holiday. A few things you can do are;

  • Learn to cook
  • Clean out your wardrobe
  • Finish a great book
  • Help out around the house
  • Teach yourself to dance
  • Learn the basics of a new language
  • Take up painting and other craft
  • Learn board games.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it’s a great starting point. So go out and do some great things this holiday.

On our blog this month, we have exciting topics dealing with our health. We are going to learn a lot of fun, relevant stuff there so join me throughout this month. Happy new month!!!!

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