“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” ― Albert Einstein.

The difficult task many students often face is remaining steadfast in the pursuit of their academic goals. Managing your academics and your life requires vigilance, dedication and commitment. You are human and from time-to-time things will slip past you. But how do you make sure that you follow through what you set your mind to achieve? Here are some tips.


1. Clarify Your Goals

If you don’t have a target to hit, you cannot measure your success. Imagine a game of football without a goal post! For example, determine what grades you want to get in your next test or examination or how many minutes or pages you want to read in a day. It’s not enough to say or think that you want to succeed; you must be clear and intentional about it. For instance, if you plan to read 50 pages a day, you can tell if you have succeeded at the end of the day by quickly checking how many pages you have read.


2. Surround Yourself With Other Dedicated People 

There is a saying that goes thus, “climate determines what we grow”. If you want to stay focused on your goals, you must challenge yourself by hanging around others who want to do the same. You don’t see lions hanging out with goats because they do not live in the same habitat. Dedicating yourself to a goal is not an easy task and you will do well to ensure that the people around you are motivating you not to give up.


3. Break Your Goals Into Smaller Chunks 

It isn’t easy to get the motivation to finish a task, especially if it is a huge one. You can overcome this challenge by cutting your goals into smaller achievable ones. If you are trying to master a particular subject, you may begin by saying “for the next two weeks, I should have a general knowledge of what this subject is all about. Then for the next week, I should have understood the content in chapter one, and so on. If you try this out, you will be more dedicated because your goals are not so burdensome.


4. Find a Mentor

Remember the saying, “To know the road ahead, ask those who are coming back “. Mentors are people who can help you navigate your goals faster than you can imagine. Mentors will checkmate you and remind you of what you said you would dedicate yourself to achieve. They may also suggest some strategies for performing your set target with consistent effort in the right direction. 

Try these steps to be dedicated to the pursuit of your goals, and you’ll be amazed at how far you’ll go in life.

I will love to hear your comments and questions in the comments section below. At B2SL, we help you become more dedicated to your goals. You can reach us via email at





Henry Ibrahim is the Content Creator at B2SL. He loves working with young people to help them discover their purpose in life. You can contact him at

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  • Henry Ibrahim

    Consistency breaks resistance. Concentrate your effort and energy continually on what you want to achieve, that is called dedication.

  • @ fauzee

    Becoming a dedicated person is to be able to ask questions from people around you if you don’t no, in other to achieve your goals.

    Is good to engage yourself in some activities like reading, listening to news in other to get your target to the right direction.

    Thanks to B2SL intiative

    • Sodiq ajadi

      Its important to engage yourself in reading, listening to news 📰 or story in other to get to your destination.

    • Suleiman Abubakar

      Very impressive and useful write-up
      I like the 3rd point the most
      “Break Your Goals Into Smaller Chunks”
      It is very sensible and I feel it will be the most useful to me

      Thank you sir 🙂

  • Ajani Ayomide

    Great write up…
    More insight ….
    Thank you sir

  • Babajide Temiloluwa

    “Climate determines what we grow”
    Being in the mist of dedicated people can also make one dedicated.
    Nice write up sir.

  • Babajide Temiloluwa

    Awesome ….. A great motivation to be dedicated

  • Afolabi Daniel.

    Nice inspirational writing sir, thanks so much, now i realised that dedication is the fastest way to success.

  • Blessing

    This is great.

  • Blessing James

    This is so inspiring
    Got me thinking

  • Bimbo

    Love this blog and how it’s described, it was very helpful with this, I hope to stand up again.

  • Dra Zay

    Thanks Sir, but in some aspects people find it difficult to get a mentor that have passed through the part of his or her goal, so Sir what are the steps to takes for the strategies like this.

    • Success Bridge

      At B2SL INITIATIVE we are here as your general mentor; so reach out to the group admins if you have any question. But in the future we will pair you to specific career mentors.

      Getting a mentor is most possible within your network.

      • Thomas Ayomide

        I love this❤️

        It’s all about commitment, dedication and determination 👌

  • Aiyedusho Beatrice

    Thanks for the tips sir…it’s really helpful..

    • Aiyedusho Victoria

      Clarifying our goals, being dedicated, surrounding ourselves with dedicated people, having a mentor and above all remaining steadfast are sure ways to achieving success. Hence, as students and people striving to succeed, we should take into cognisance the above points.
      Thank you Mr Henry, more power sir.

  • Fortune

    Surround yourself with dedicated people…

    Striking a balance is very imperative so as not to drift from your purpose

  • Noble

    Dedication is key to achieve success

  • Ajilore Daniel O.

    Very much educating and motivating
    The cost of success is consistency towards achieving a goal

  • Omole Eninlaloluwa


    So interesting and informative

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