Belief is trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something. Belief in oneself is usually the difference between success and failure most times. If you do not believe in yourself or your abilities, no other person will. It is important to stress, though, that self-belief is not blind arrogance.

The story of Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, should interest you. Ma was born in Hangzhou, China, in 1964. He failed many times in both primary and middle school. He failed the university entry examination three times. He was rejected by the Police Force when he applied. Harvard university denied him a place to study 10 times! A company he tried to work for rejected him thirty times! When KFC came to his city, they employed all the other 23 applicants except Ma!

Despite his failures, Jack believed in himself. He managed to get a job as an English teacher and earned very little money, after which he started a translation service business. Although Jack did not know computers or coding, he was able to start an e-commerce website known as Alibaba. Investors criticized this idea as unprofitable and unsustainable, but Alibaba believed in himself! He did not only build the business but was able to challenge established e-commerce businesses like eBay in China and successfully chased the company out of the Chinese market. Today, Alibaba is one of the world’s largest conglomerates.

Stories like this teach us that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail, or how often people reject you or do not believe in you; If you believe in your dreams and yourself, and you are consistent, the chances of success are very high.

What are the areas of your life where you doubt your ability to succeed? Identify them and work to overcome them. We love to hear from you because we are here to help!

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Bessy Ebule is the Project Director at B2SL, where he works to encourage personal development and build success networks. You can contact him at

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  • Eserokpe Blessing

    What I learnt from the blog is believing in oneself can take such person to greater lengths
    We don’t have to depend on what other people say about what we do or how we do them
    If we believe in ourselves then we will have a perfect result.

  • Jimoh nofisat

    Belief is having trust or faith in yourself that whatever comes your way, you can overcome it,it is important to believe in yourself because if not, others can’t
    Just like the story of Jack Ma,he failed countless times and was rejected by many people but that doesn’t bring down his trust,his belief made him overcome the situation and today,he own a conglomerate named Alibaba
    This story motivates us and teaches us that no matter what,we should belief in our dreams and surely,we shall get there

  • Gbonwei Oritsesegbemi

    I think the story of Jack Ma shows that you’re responsible for your life, not your family, not the society, not circumstances. If you really want to make something out of your life, you will.

    • Muhammad Sharif Aliyu

      Believe is believe in,have faith in,place confidence in,to entrust, adheres to, rely on,accept, to think to be true, or to be persuaded of, and hope become second because is trust, confidence, earnest, anticipate, and intense expectation. An absolute assurance that God will do well for me in the future. Unfortunately, many think of hope as meaning just a wishing and hoping. Their is no power for the present without hope for the future. Hope is not doubt but intense expectation. Ss3

  • Kolajo Festus

    As for me, belief is one of those things that propels someone aiming for excellence. Self belief is important. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is a great way to excel in life.
    Jack Ma failed many times, any other word for many? Use it. It’s normal for people to disbelief you, I think that should be the stepping stone. Jack Ma’s story can be likened to that of Albert Einstein. He also failed many times, but thanks to self belief. Please, can we talk of Jack Ma today if not for self belief, no. Will Alibaba even exist, probably from another person.

    Kolajo Festus I.

  • Henry Ibrahim Kwataden

    My take away from the news letter.
    1. Believe breeds doggedness, persistence and resilience in the pursuit of purpose (vision).
    2. Activity (on captured vision) proves the existence and genuineness of believe.

  • Charles Adimah

    Sure, I keep my self belief in tact and stronger in the face of countless rejections.

  • Adetunji Oluwayemisi

    Believe is when one have confidence, trust, faith in oneself.
    Believing in oneself is actually what brings out the difference between one’s sucess and failure . If one do not believe oneself, goals won’t be achievable neither will anyone believe in you.
    The story of Jack ma really inspired me that no matter the circumstances or the challenges one face when trying to be successful or to achieve a goal, one needs to have selfbelieve, be determined and turn deaf ears to whatever people say or do wrong to one.
    When one believe in everything he or she does the chances of success and excellence are at a peak. No matter how many times we fail while doing somethings we must always learn from our failure and continue moving up the steps till we are able to attain our goals or more of our goals.

  • Kanyinsola

    Believe can also be defined as the ability to trust or confide in something or someone
    Failure can never stop you from believing, No matter how you fail or how often people or peers reject you or your ideas if u believe in yourself and your dreams or goal surely u re on the path to success

    • Oluwapelumi

      A strong belief in yourself can bring you benefits and more. It makes ​you recognise your ability to accomplish goals. ​You’re optimistic about the future as you set goals and achieve them.

      • Temitope

        When you believe in yourself and your abilities, judgements and comments from pessimists doesn’t matter to you anymore. Believing in one’s self gives the ability to face rejections and not get discouraged in the journey of achieving one’s goals.

  • Uzoagba Noble

    Belief is the bedrock of every great thing. It makes for perseverance and resilience. It discourages the idea of quitting. If you truly believe in yourself, there is, of course no limit to want you can achieve

  • Soliu Kabiru

    Belief is a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing.When someone believe in his or her self, that particular person would be able to face his or her fears and when you believe in yourself, you realize that those emotions are there to encourage you to take action, not to hold you back. People with self-belief turn fear into action by focusing on their goals as part of their overall purpose in life.

  • Oladele Bolaji

    I learnt that, no matter the rejection from people, and no matter the criticism of people, if I belief in my self and my abilities, (either little or big),I can become who I want to be, as long as I don’t give up on my dreams and aspirations just like Jack Ma.

  • Dele rukayat Ss 3

    What i learnt so far from this blog it taught us that will should believe in ourself have confident in whatever we want to do, have strong heart not thinking that he will fail, if someone fail that doesn’t mean the end of his/her life he or she should keep striving for excellent no matter what people saying he should have self reliance focus on his own and also hardworking surely he will achieve his goal

  • Alade Mariam Faderera

    I learnt a lot from this
    To attain success and excellence is not only about working hard
    When one work hard without believing one self ,your goal has not been attained
    Having faith, believing in one self is the beginning of success
    If you don’t believe in yourself you can’t achieve your goal
    Thank you

  • Adekola Inioluwa

    Belief is trust, faith or confidence in someone or something. It is very important for you to belief in your self because if you don’t believe in yourself or your abilities, no other person will.
    Just like the story of Jack ma, he failed countless time and was rejected by people but despite his failures, he still had the believe in himself. Your success will begin with your belief, you believing in your self that I can make it.
    That why belief is the foundation to success. When you believe in yourself, you can accomplish enomorus thing in life. No matter any circumstances or challenges have the belief in yourself that I will make it.

  • Oyebamiji Timothy Ayomide

    I have learnt that belief in oneself is usually the difference between success and failure most times. If you do not believe in yourself or your abilities, no other person will. Lastly, I learnt that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail, or how often people reject you or do not believe in you; If you believe in your dreams and yourself, and you are consistent, the chances of success are very high.

  • Olaniyan ismail

    I have learnt that when u have belief in your self it’s like a motivator living in you, it will serve as the Guidance and counselling department in your body, it will always be the one to encourage when others are discouraging you, it will be the one to show you the green light when others are showing you the red light, and, it will be the only one with you when u feel deserted and discouraged. So belief itself is like another best friend of yours dat will never leave you when you have it only in yourself and not others cos others won’t believe what you believe.

  • Ejiro Jeffrey

    From my understanding on this write up, I would say that giving up on your self is the only defeat a man can get.
    Believing that u can do something is better off than not believing at all, so therefore believing that u can cover a subject topic at a particular period of time helps to build a foundation.
    So we should learn not to give up despite challenges or difficulties.

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