“Talent win games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” –Michael Jordan.

According to Wikipedia, teamwork is the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or complete a task most effectively and efficiently. There are many studies about the power of collaboration and how teamwork sets team players up for success. In this post, we identify the benefits of partnership and describe them.



People tend to be more open about their ideas when all team members operate at an equal level. Individuals feel a sense of connection with their teammates when they know they can share their thoughts without fear of judgment. All this triggers creativity and the overall success of the team.



Every team player has a set of skills and personal characteristics. Performing in a team, every member can avail of opportunities to learn from others. It leads to resource building, and team members become better equipped to deal with challenges. New skills and knowledge always benefit everyone and positively influence the individual growth of team players.



Working in a team induces a better sense of responsibility and accountability. Team players feel that anything they do may affect others. Any carelessness can create troubles for other individuals and while good work benefits the entire team. Thinking about it makes us more dedicated and careful in all our actions.



Often, people can spot loopholes in each other’s work only at the team level. Besides, when one individual gets diverted from the book, other team members can help him/her to come back to work and finish it on time.



Teamwork stimulates building great work relationships when people can act like best friends. Developing the right frame of mind when everyone respects and listens to other people’s opinions can be called a successful work relationship. Collaborative team activities lead to the avenues of relationship building and communication for the team.



Good team players always encourage and support one another while working on a common goal. Working on a project as one consolidated unit provokes a sense of accomplishment, making people more excellent at finishing their tasks.

Let’s embrace working in teams and see our world become better.


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Timothy is a secondary school student in Nigeria dedicated to success in academics and future career. He is a member of the B2SL Success Hub.


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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.” – Henry Ford.

There is a saying that two heads are better than one. No matter how passionate you are about your life pursuit, you need people to turn dreams into reality. Teamwork and team building are essential qualities of successful people and organizations, as shown in companies like Alibaba, Walt Disney, etc.

As a young person, it is paramount to learn how to work with people and understand how to build a team. So many industries across the world are thriving today because of efficient and effective team collaboration. The inability to create strong groups of accountable and diligent people leads to failure.

We need collaboration with others in group assignments, inter-class debates, quizzes, inter-house sports competitions, etc. Sometimes, we find ourselves leading or working with people we did not choose to be in our groups. Still, the onus lies in building that team, whether as a leader or a team member.



Have a clear vision and a set rule for all team members. Every team member must understand their job description and ensure its completion. When you do this, you ensure division of labor and smooth running of the team.



Feedback is the key to assuring any team is staying on track and improving each day. Feedback should be proactive and constant. Do not wait until a problem occurs before giving feedback. Feedback is simply the art of excellent communication.  It should be something that is part of one’s natural dialogue. It can be both formal and informal.



There is a need to select people who will buy into your vision, but in some cases, you have to work with people you find yourself in the same group. For example, your Mathematics teacher divides the class into three groups for an assignment, and you are in one of them either as a leader or member. You have to work with others on the team as a group.



You need to be accommodative and welcome people’s opinions with respect. If team members don’t feel respected, they won’t be motivated to bring their best ideas to work. Also, take time to give your teammates the proper accolades they have earned and deserve. 

We always love to hear from you at B2SL to see how we can help you. Please drop your comments or questions in the comments section below.




Alero Babine is a writer, professional photographer, and Secretary of B2sl, where show works to empower teenagers to succeed. You can contact her at

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“Remember, teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.”– Patrick Lencioni

Developing the spirit of teamwork is very important in working in a team with a central goal. Cooperation is an invaluable lesson that you will carry on throughout your career as an adult. No matter where you work or what type of work you do, you will have to work with others, and to do it well to succeed, you must start developing the spirit of teamwork now with the few points below.



Trust is the foundation of high-performing teams. Trust is built by being reliable, open, straightforward, and accepting. Work towards being someone your friends and family can rely on by doing what you have promised to do and staying away from what you said you would not do. Be open by letting those around you know what you stand for. Be straightforward by not trying to cut corners, thereby putting friends and family in harm’s way. Be accepting by respecting people for who and what they are without undue criticism that will cause psychological damage. 



You earn loyalty by caring about not only the performance but also the person. You must be patient to hear what people have to say from time to time. That kind of attitude shows you care and respect them beyond what they are saying at that time. That kind of environment will always promote teamwork because everyone will see themselves as an essential and valuable member of the team.



Focus more on what your friends and peers can do better while looking out for how you can help with things they cannot do very well. Focusing and talking a lot about people’s weaknesses without magnifying their strength is undoubtedly not a way of developing the spirit of teamwork.



It’s hard to deal with not being first at choosing a beautiful dress or shoe all the time. Please, learn that your happiness is not always paramount. This kind of mindset or attitude will make you feel you will ever get things done your way. It would help if you got this right early that things will not always go your way, and that is okay.

We love to hear your thoughts, questions, and comments about this article. Please feel free to drop your comments and questions in the comments section below.




Charles Adimah is an entrepreneur and the Project Manager of B2SL INITIATIVE, where he manages the vision. He is a great believer that a prosperous Nigeria is a product of successful Nigerians. You can reach him via email at

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“Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress but walking together is success” – Henry Ford

You may have heard the phrase, ‘No man is an Island’ over and over again. Imagine if you were the only person in your class, your family, or city! If you were a trader, you would buy and sell to yourself. If you were a teacher, you would learn and teach yourself. If you were a farmer, you would sow, reap, and consume by yourself! Sounds really awkward, doesn’t it?

As humans, we all have weaknesses and excel. We need to complement those weaknesses through teamwork, which is the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or complete a task effectively and efficiently. Essentially, there is more than one person in a team with each one having a specific role based on his/her strength.

A team is a group of individuals working together to achieve a common goal. It is also known as a group of people committed to achieving something worthwhile. Teams typically have complementary skills and generate synergy through a coordinated effort that allows each member to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses, as observed in sports with more than one player.

For example, if you find it hard to understand Mathematics and decide to meet other students who know it better than you do to teach you, and in return, you teach them the secrets of learning English or Literature, then you are working as a team. Some people understand faster and retain more when they engage in group reading or discussion on a particular subject or topic that may seem hard to study.

For you to achieve a comprehensive, well-rounded education, integrated teamwork on several fronts is vital. The more teamwork fundamentals exhibited, the more opportunity exists for students to learn the essential skills of compromise and collaboration.

Team or group work in a classroom teaches students the fundamental skills of working as a collective unit toward a common goal. This type of teamwork exposes you to skills that will be valuable for you later in the workforce, such as communication, compromise, and collective effort. In any group work, you must agree about who will handle various project components and work in tandem using one another’s strengths to accomplish assigned tasks. 

We all need people at one point or the other to be more productive. You can start leveraging on teamwork from now to make tasks easier for you.

I will love to hear your thought on this topic. Please feel free to leave your questions and comments in the comments section below.



Henry Ibrahim Kwatadem is the Content Creator at B2SL. He loves working with young people to help them discover their purpose in life. You can reach via email at

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Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work ” Kevin Durant

According to Oxford’s English Dictionary, hard work is a great deal of effort or endurance. It is also the constant, regular, or habitually engagement in earnest and energetic work to achieve a particular goal or the energy and time channeled into a task. Colin Powell once said, “A dream does not become a reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination, and hard work”. Success is more a matter of work than luck or magic. A student has an 80% chance of succeeding with hard work and a 100% chance of succeeding with smart work. Hard work separates the successful and unsuccessful, and we must not only work but also work hard.



All successful people have the same story to say: almost 60% of their success is attributable to hard work. Everyone can succeed, but without hard work, this would be impossible. Hard work is what makes people stand out and achieve what seemed impossible. Most people who fail initially end up achieving success only if they are consistent with their work. Colin Powell said, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”



Hard work increases the belief we have in ourselves. For example, when you dedicate yourself to learning a difficult topic in Mathematics or any other subject, you will find that your level of confidence increases the next time you come across a problem on the same issue. The knowledge and experience you got from learning the complex topic and getting those smaller exercises right will serve as the bedrock on which your confidence to handle any future problem is based.



One of the factors that limit us in life is our ignorance. You will be surprised at how things seem easy to you once you are familiar with them. For instance, a student who has the mindset that Mathematics is complicated, but suddenly began to dedicate his time and effort into studying it, will realize that Mathematics is not as tricky, hence, overcoming his limitation. When you have a mindset that something is too difficult, you are already limiting yourself. If you want to overcome your boundaries, you have no other option than to work hard.



There are opportunities everywhere around us, but only hard work can unlock. Hard work serves as an opportunity magnet. If you want to win a scholarship, for example, there will be some requirements. You may need to write an essay or be involved in a project. The scholarship has a fixed reward. You have to put in your hard work to be able to access it. Let’s say there is a prize of 1 million Naira to be won for participating in a marathon race of 20 kilometers. No matter how much you desire the reward, the only thing that will most likely stop you is your inability to put in hard work. If you can put in the many hours of practice and discipline, you have the opportunity to win the prize.



Hard work always draws attention in a crowd. Think about all the people you respect. What makes them stand out? Probably the fact that they worked hard, which made them stand taller with their accomplishments from the rest. If you want to be respected, you must work hard on achieving your goals. Lazy people are not respected because they have nothing to offer. Hardworking people, on the other hand, are respected and promoted everywhere around the world. Examples of people like these are Ben Carson, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, etc.

There is no success before hard work. If we desire something, we should not sit still and wait for it to come; that is laziness. We should work towards achieving it; it is called hard work.

We love to hear your thoughts, questions, and comments about this article. Please feel free to drop your comments and questions in the comments section below.



Timothy, Victoria, and Omole are secondary school students in Nigeria dedicated to success in their chosen fields. They are members of the B2SL Success Hub.

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“Success is the child of drudgery and perseverance; it cannot be bribed or coaxed. Pay the price, and it’s yours.”  O.S Marden

I looked up the meaning of drudgery in the dictionary, which meant hard, menial, or dull work! Simply put, you have to engage in hard work for you to be successful, which can also likely be uninteresting to you. There is no short cut irrespective of the path you want to choose in life. All the great inventors or successful people we admire worked or work very hard. Think about any successful person and imagine if they would have succeeded if they were lazy. Not sure you can find one. The rule is simple, it is either you work hard and succeed or be lazy and fail!

The thought of hard work itself scares people. Most people do not want to get into an activity that will stress them physically or mentally. Most people will rather sit and watch TV all day than engage in hard work, including me! But we all know that this is unrealistic, especially if we want to succeed. So how do we approach hard work so that we are not bored to death? Below are some tips that may help you have a better perspective or approach.



Success is not easy, but it is achievable. Have you seen people building a house? Do you see the machines and human efforts that are involved? People put in these efforts because they know that their labour will pay off at the end of the day. The student who studies in secret continuously to pass examinations knows that Success will be the reward at the end of the day. Even if people do not realize immediately, they will begin to see your worth because of your hard work with time. Do not be deceived by short cuts. Hard work has excellent value and is appreciated worldwide. Try to envision a time when you worked hard to achieve something, and you got the reward for it? How did it make you feel?



If you ever face a difficult but necessary task, try breaking the task into smaller chunks. It is difficult and sometimes discouraging when you think about the big things you have to do. Let’s assume you want to read a book of 350 pages. It might look big initially, but if you decide to read 50 pages a day, you will discover that you have finished the book in a week. If you try to read the whole book at a go, it might be challenging for you. Remember the old saying, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a step.



Honestly, this is one tip that can make you less frustrated in completing demanding and tedious tasks. However, when you surround yourself with other hard workers, you will find the motivation to hang on. There is no use in hanging out with lazy people who cannot inspire or challenge you. The simple rule is if your friends or close associates are not encouraging you to do better than you are now, it is time to change them! Some people are already working hard in your field, look for them, and seek their help. These people may be in your neighbourhood or school, or on the internet. Just find them out, and they will make your tasks look simpler than you could imagine. I am not talking about your regular duties, like copying notes and reading; I am talking about the things beyond you, such as understanding a complex topic.

Hard work is not easy, but it pays if you cultivate the habit. Every time you want to be lazy, remember that the reward for laziness is failure. You don’t want to fail, so cultivate a mindset of working hard always.

Please post your questions or comments in the comment section below as I will love to hear from you. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact our team on and we’ll reach out to you ASAP.



Bessy Ebule is the Project Director at B2SL, where he works to encourage personal development and building success networks. You can reach him at

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If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my axe.” Abraham Lincoln.

Let’s try to put ourselves in Lincoln’s shoes. Why does he need to sharpen his axe for six hours when he has just eight hours to complete the task? He is probably wanting to ensure that the axe is sharp enough to allow him finish chopping the tree in two hours. It would be a tragedy to spend eight hours on the task and still not finish it because the axe is dull. That sounds like smart work. Let’s try to make an analogy between hard work and smart or intelligent work.

Before the invention of modern means of transportation, people would travel on foot for hundreds of kilometers to get to where they are going or travel very far to the stream or river to get water. Today, the same journey that would have taken two days to complete on foot, can now take just one hour or fifteen minutes, depending on the means of transportation you choose. You can also have water running from the tap in your bathroom. Unless you are doing a charity walk, it would be ridiculous to embark on a foot journey for two days when you can go in a car, or travel to the stream to fetch water when you have it running from the tap in your bathroom. When you use less effort to accomplish a task with more efficiency, you are working smart.

If you want to be successful, you have to work both hard and smart. For example, it takes a lot of effort to study a topic until you master it. Ever wondered why the highest paid people are people who do the most thinking? Sue Grafton gives us the answer in this quote, “Thinking is hard work, which is why you don’t see many people doing it.” However, if you can muster the mental discipline to think very deeply about things, you will surely succeed. Please do not run away from stressing your brain to find solutions to problems because it is hard work. Remember, all hard work pays.

When you work smart, you will save a lot of time. Again, you may have heard that “time is money.” People will pay you money if you can help them save time. Think about why you have to pay for transport fare. It is because the driver is saving you time. For example, if you are struggling with a particular topic, you can pay someone to explain to you, saving you time. Recently, I bought a software, but I did not know how to use it. I spent almost a week on Youtube trying to figure out how to use the software. Then I thought that I could quickly pay someone to teach me. I paid the person, and within 30 minutes, I had known what I could not in a whole week.

You also have to remember the goal you are trying to achieve as you work both hard and smart. The best principle I can recommend is work hard until you know enough to be able to work smarter. At the initial stages of taking up any task, you are going to find it difficult. As time goes on, you will find that it becomes more comfortable for you. If you have learned how to play any musical instrument, you will easily relate to this. You start as a complete novice, no matter how smart you are. If you work hard practicing, you will soon find that you can play well. Always look at the goal in front of you to motivate you to work both hard and smart. 

If you apply this principle, there is no way you will not succeed. If you have any issues, please reach out to us on and we’ll be there to support you. 

I will love to hear from you. So, please drop your questions or comments in the comment section below. 



Alero Babine is a writer, professional photographer, and Secretary of B2SL, where she works to empower teenagers to succeed. You can reach her on

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The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Samuel Goldwyn

Some people do not like to work, and adding hard to work makes life more complicated. However, if you want to succeed, you not only have to work, you must work hard because success does not come by luck!

A hardworking person is committed to work and puts remarkable effort into doing and completing tasks. Hard work is different from regular work. Attending class, copying notes, or being punctual cannot be hard work; they are statutory responsibilities for any student. Routine work is something we must do to survive or maintain the status of belonging. However, if you put in another two hours of study to understand a difficult topic after school, that is hard work!

People who succeed in their field always go the extra mile from sports to academics, medicine, sales, politics, entertainment, etc. Novak Djokovic, the world number-1 tennis player for men, does 90 minutes of practicing tennis every morning, and another 90 minutes in the afternoon. That is three hours of practicing tennis daily. The three hours are not inclusive of the time he spends meditating or stretching.

Ash Barty is the world number-1 tennis player for women. She attributes her success to a lot of hard work on and off the court. Barty does 45 minutes of body preparation work in the morning and then another round of movement sessions before training for two hours. She has a little rest before going to the gym to work out or back to the court for more practice.

What do these two guys have in common? The amount of hard work and time they put into their profession! Their hard work off the court is what translates into those spectacular shots on the courts. Is there any wonder why they are at the top? You may not be Djokovic or Barty, who are tennis players, but you must work hard if you want to succeed in anything. For you, it may be becoming better in Maths, English, Physics, etc. or improving your communication skills, or becoming better at some sport or music. Whatever it is, you must decide to start working hard today.

I love to hear from you. Please drop your comments and feedback in the comments section below. You can reach out to our team at if you require any assistance.

Catch you soon!


Henry Ibrahim is the Content Creator at B2SL. He loves working with young people to help them discover their purpose in life. You can reach him on

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“There is no wealth like knowledge, no poverty like ignorance” – Buddha

According to the Oxford Learners Dictionary, “knowledge is the information, understanding, and skills that you gain through education or experience.” It is also the awareness of one’s ignorance or weakness concerning one’s experience. When people are ignorant, their capacity for success is weak. Knowledge can be gained through learning, striving, seeking, and constant practice, failing, etc. Overcoming ignorance comes at a cost. It could be your time, money, pride, etc. There are many benefits, but we have listed a few below.



Every problem in life calls for a solution. However, solutions are provided by those who know only. Problems are inevitable in life, and you should train yourself to be a problem solver by getting knowledge. When you do that, you become relevant in your society. For example, doctors cure illnesses by providing medications to patients, but they cannot do this if they are ignorant.



When you are knowledgeable, your level of confidence increases. Without confidence, you will be unable to provide solutions to problems. Knowledge helps you believe in yourself. When you face a problem, your level of confidence in approaching it will depend on what you know about the subject. People who know are usually not scared. They might even be happy when problems arise because it is an opportunity for them to shine. Think about how stars shine in the night while we struggle to see.



Knowledge serves as a bridge or key to success. The success of men is determined by what they know. The success of a student is determined by what you know of the subject in question. Let’s face it; we cannot prove that we understand an issue if we fail continuously. The fact that you are failing is an indication that there is still something you don’t know. Once you overcome that ignorance, success is born.

In conclusion, just like Barbara Sher said, “the cure of sorrow is to learn something”, we should learn to overcome our sorrows. We should also be willing to upgrade ourselves in areas where we think we know. Let us not fear failing in our quest for knowledge.

Please post your comments and contributions in the comments section below, and let’s continue to encourage ourselves.




Omole Richard & Beatrice Aiyedusho are secondary school students in SS2 and are members of B2SL Success Hub. They believe that a prosperous Nigeria is possible if they are successful themselves. You can reach them on this email-

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Knowledge like air is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it”. Alan Moore

Knowledge is one of the few things that are of great value in life. There is nothing to lose for always wanting to know better. The price you are willing to pay for a thing or service is equivalent to the value you place on it. For example, if you had to choose between buying a book or a dress, your choice will depend on the worth you place on either the book or the dress.

Everything valuable comes with a price, and Knowledge is not an exemption. Knowledge is very invaluable to our lives and ultimate worth. If you want to remain relevant, you have to continue striving to know. However, becoming valuable comes with a price. You become more expensive by becoming more knowledgeable or growing less useful by becoming less knowledgeable or refusing to upgrade what you know already. Here are some things that you can exchange for Knowledge. 


You must be ready to put in some effort. A student who wants to have Knowledge in Mathematics or any other subject must understand that people do not become knowledgeable by merely desiring it. They need to devote energy in the area of asking questions, solving exercises, reading, talking to people, digging deeper, mastering the art of observation, and focusing all attention on details of what they want to know.

  1. TIME

All successful people know that time is more important than money. Time is priceless. If you desire Knowledge, you must be ready to give your time in exchange. It could be your TV time, or outing time, or time on the internet. Time is the one thing you cannot gain anymore in your life, so; every little piece of Knowledge will cost you a portion of your time. Learn to make every second count, mind how and what you engage in with your time.

  1. SLEEP

You need to get adequate sleep to be healthy and agile. However, do not love sleep too much. When we were in Secondary school, someone posted a quote that made us think. “If you sleep for eight hours every day, by the time you are 75, you would have been sleeping for 25 years of your life”. We felt that was a bit harsh, but it was another way of saying, do not spend the whole of your life sleeping! Successful people who are products of Knowledge do not sleep too much. They lose their sleep in the process of getting Knowledge. While I am not prescribing any particular number of hours to sleep in a day, as I am not an expert, I am saying, losing some of your Sleep for Knowledge is not a bad idea.

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to learn. Invest some effort, time, and sleep and see how much you can learn.

I love to hear from you. Please drop your comments and feedback in the comments section below. You can reach out to our team at if you require any assistance.



Alero Babine is a writer, professional photographer and is the Secretary at B2SL, where she works to empower teenagers to succeed.

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