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“I’ve always believed that if you put in the dedication, the results will come.” – Michael Jordan. 

There are many things to dedicate yourself to as a student, such as going to school every week, writing notes in class, or reading your books to succeed in your academics, career, and life in general, no matter the opposition. 

Michael Jordan tried out for the varsity basketball team when he was in Junior Secondary school; at 5’11” (1.80 m), he was deemed too short to play at that level. His taller friend Harvest Leroy Smith was the only one in Junior Secondary school to make the team at the time. Michael didn’t stop but worked harder even more to become a basketball player. Later on, Jordan became the star of Laney’s Junior varsity team because he never gave up on being dedicated to actualizing his dreams. 

To excel in your academics or anything in life, you need the dedication to keep pushing yourself as you move from one class and level to the other. Your commitment to academic success will always affect your approach. For instance, are you working to improve yourself, or are you comfortable with average? If you are dedicated to something or not, you will know based on your attitude. You may want to agree that if you have read and understood a topic, you will have confidence. Be rest assured that dedication brings worthwhile success, so you must fight the temptation of distraction with all your might. 

Think about when you graduate from your secondary and tertiary institutions. What responsibilities do you aspire to complete in the future? What will be the highest point in your career, and how are you committing yourself now to achieve that? Your dedication to achieving your future career dreams should start now because you can predict the future by creating it.

Dedication to general life success is all about how you hope to use your academic and career success in making the world a better place. It would be best if you started from your immediate family, community, and nation to better the world than the way you met it. You must resolve that you will not be part of those creating problems or watching on helplessly. Your goal should be among the solution providers to issues of the world. 

Are you dedicated to achieving academic, career, and general life success? I will love to hear from you and what you have learned from reading this article or your experiences or questions in the comment section below.





Charles Adimah is an entrepreneur and the Project Manager of B2SL INITIATIVE, where he manages the vision. He is a great believer that a prosperous Nigeria is a product of successful Nigerians. You can reach him via email at

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