February Newsletter

February is a month where on the 14th love is set aside to celebrate love. Love should be an integral part of our everyday lives where we do not have to wait until its Valentine’s Day before we give alms to the poor and needy, before we pay visit to the orphanage homes, before we exchange presents amongst ourselves. Love should be practiced every day.

A lot of young people misunderstand Valentine’s Day for a day set aside for lovers and so many teens go immoral and involve themselves in illicit relationships. Many teen girls feel it’s a good time to lose their virginity. Yes you have a right to meet new people and socialize but be very discreet, with your choice of friends also be very platonic and understand that there is a set time for everything.

While the celebration is on, be reminded that your destiny is ahead of you and you have to fulfill your academic goals for the term, session and year. Maximize your time very well on your academics and be result driven as February 14th will come and go.

In this month, B2sl will bring to you more interesting articles on what time is all about and how you can use time to your advantage. Do not fail to visit the blog and invite a friend to enjoy with. Cheers

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