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Can you believe it’s the second month of the year already? Believe it or not, you’ll blink and the year will be over. This is the best time to review your goals for the year to be sure you’re not wasting time. I’ve heard that it takes 21 days to learn a new habit or break and old one.  This means that all you need to make a real change is determination every day for the next 3 weeks. If you think you’ve not achieved anything yet, don’t fret, you have 11 more months to go. All you have to do is review your goals and make sure they are attainable. In previous posts we’ve talked about working around your preferences. If you have chores to do at home, work it into your personal timetable, if you prefer to read one topic early in the morning, wake up in time to read and get to school.

Very soon, continuous assessment tests for the term will begin. If you start to read now, you will become familiar with the topics when you are faced with them in a test. If one of your resolutions was to learn a skill, now is the time to plan and practice because practice makes perfect. Always have a strategy for whatever you want to do. Pace yourself and celebrate all your small successes.

That been said, I thought that I should share with you some important life skills. Life skills are those skills everyone needs to live a healthy, happy life. They are effective at ensuring that one knows how to effectively deal with life’s issues.

This month we are going to be dealing with three skills. They are:

(A)Identifying your passions

(B)Basic first aid

(C)The art of failing

At first glance, these might not seem like skills one needs to excel and be happy in life but they are very necessary to ensuring you can deal with life’s issues. Join me on the blog as we explore these further. Have a great weekend and an awesome month!

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