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Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work ” Kevin Durant

According to Oxford’s English Dictionary, hard work is a great deal of effort or endurance. It is also the constant, regular, or habitually engagement in earnest and energetic work to achieve a particular goal or the energy and time channeled into a task. Colin Powell once said, “A dream does not become a reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination, and hard work”. Success is more a matter of work than luck or magic. A student has an 80% chance of succeeding with hard work and a 100% chance of succeeding with smart work. Hard work separates the successful and unsuccessful, and we must not only work but also work hard.



All successful people have the same story to say: almost 60% of their success is attributable to hard work. Everyone can succeed, but without hard work, this would be impossible. Hard work is what makes people stand out and achieve what seemed impossible. Most people who fail initially end up achieving success only if they are consistent with their work. Colin Powell said, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”



Hard work increases the belief we have in ourselves. For example, when you dedicate yourself to learning a difficult topic in Mathematics or any other subject, you will find that your level of confidence increases the next time you come across a problem on the same issue. The knowledge and experience you got from learning the complex topic and getting those smaller exercises right will serve as the bedrock on which your confidence to handle any future problem is based.



One of the factors that limit us in life is our ignorance. You will be surprised at how things seem easy to you once you are familiar with them. For instance, a student who has the mindset that Mathematics is complicated, but suddenly began to dedicate his time and effort into studying it, will realize that Mathematics is not as tricky, hence, overcoming his limitation. When you have a mindset that something is too difficult, you are already limiting yourself. If you want to overcome your boundaries, you have no other option than to work hard.



There are opportunities everywhere around us, but only hard work can unlock. Hard work serves as an opportunity magnet. If you want to win a scholarship, for example, there will be some requirements. You may need to write an essay or be involved in a project. The scholarship has a fixed reward. You have to put in your hard work to be able to access it. Let’s say there is a prize of 1 million Naira to be won for participating in a marathon race of 20 kilometers. No matter how much you desire the reward, the only thing that will most likely stop you is your inability to put in hard work. If you can put in the many hours of practice and discipline, you have the opportunity to win the prize.



Hard work always draws attention in a crowd. Think about all the people you respect. What makes them stand out? Probably the fact that they worked hard, which made them stand taller with their accomplishments from the rest. If you want to be respected, you must work hard on achieving your goals. Lazy people are not respected because they have nothing to offer. Hardworking people, on the other hand, are respected and promoted everywhere around the world. Examples of people like these are Ben Carson, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, etc.

There is no success before hard work. If we desire something, we should not sit still and wait for it to come; that is laziness. We should work towards achieving it; it is called hard work.

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Timothy, Victoria, and Omole are secondary school students in Nigeria dedicated to success in their chosen fields. They are members of the B2SL Success Hub.

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