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You can only build dedication by following proven universal success principles just as a house can only be built by following some laid down processes. You can’t become dedicated to your academic or career success by wishful thinking. You must be willing to pay the prize. Here are four principles that will guide you in building dedication.


1. Have a Strong Will

Your success in academics and life is mainly your responsibility. Being successful requires personal strong will. You have a strong will to succeed when you tell yourself in private or public that you must be successful. This provides the energy within you to stay dedicated. The reason many people fail is that they are not truly willing. You can build a strong will when you have a compelling reason to be successful. A compelling reason for success is making your family proud, making your country and the world at large a better place with the skills acquired through dedication.


2. Be Ready for Challenges

Having a strong will to succeed makes the difference between staying dedicated and quitting when faced with challenges. No one has ever done or will ever do anything meaningful without facing roadblocks. To be able to build dedication and stay on the path of success, you must be ready to keep moving forward in the face of challenges. People who complain or give excuses for not being dedicated, end up as failures. A person that is ready to confront challenges before they occur will stay dedicated to success when faced with challenges.


3. Don’t Fear Failure

People who succeed all through history don’t stop at one failure or ten thousand failures. They become dedicated to the point that failure or the fear of failure doesn’t stop them. For example, Thomas Edison who discovered the light bulb we all enjoy today failed 10,000 times before finally succeeding! Failure or the fear of failure should not decrease your level of dedication to success.


4. Be Influenced Positively

Everyone in the world is influenced by someone else. Successful people choose who influences them. You must choose to stay around people who are dedicated to success. You can’t hang around people who are not dedicated to success and expect to be successful someday. Let the stories of successful people and their level of dedication to what they achieved influence you.


Dedication is a virtue that you can build, and you can start building today by connecting with us at B2SL.

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