Fun Facts: How to Conduct Yourself Beautifully

Always call before paying a visit.

Put your phone down when having a conversation. If you are on your phone while someone is speaking to you, it shows how important a role this device plays in your life,and  how bored you are of what’s happening.

If you’re walking along with someone and your companion greets a person you don’t know, you should also greet them.

Your shoes should always be clean.

Avoid meaningless talk on the phone. If you need someone to talk to, it’s better to meet with them in person.

If someone offends you, you shouldn’t return the favor or raise your voice to the person who insulted you. Don’t sink to their level. Just smile and leave the ill-mannered company.

A man should never touch a woman without her permission. This means that it is unacceptable to: hold her hand, touch her during a conversation, and push her or take her hand above the elbow (unless a man is helping her to get into or out of a car, or cross the street).

If someone calls to you rudely, you shouldn’t answer. Be a model of good etiquette and polite social manners.

The golden rule when using perfume is moderation. If you can still smell your perfume in the evening, everyone else is already tired of it.

If you’re forgiven after you’ve apologized, don’t touch the offensive subject again just to say you’re sorry. You should try to avoid such mistakes in the future.

Avoid laughing and talking too loudly, as well as staring at people — it’s insulting.

Don’t forget to thank your loved ones, relatives, and friends. They help you not because they

Let’s respect each other!

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