It’s the beginning of the term and you are happy to be promoted to Senior Secondary School. All of a sudden, everyone starts asking what career you want to pursue and they begin telling you that you must make that all too important decision as it’ll determine whether you end up in an Art Class or a Science class.

It’s quite okay to not have a clue, that’s why I’m here to help. I’ll give you a general guide on what you should look out for when deciding if you want to go to an Art or a Science class. Sorry to disappoint but this is not determined by if you’re failing at Mathematics or English. That’s something you can remedy by putting in extra effort.

The first step is to make a list of your hobbies and interests. Divide this list into two- the Creative and the Scientific. So for instance, if you love to draw, paint, sing, and write, that goes under creative. If you love solving puzzles, doing research, making things, fiddling with electricity etc that goes under the Scientific. With this list of things you love doing, ask yourself, “What am I best at? “What can I see myself doing for the rest of my life? What part of the list is longer; the Scientific or the Creative? That should give you a general guide on what you love doing. This list also guides the subjects you take interest in. Because you might love Literature and find it difficult to understand the formulas found in Chemistry. It’s also okay to love Literature and Chemistry, there’s room for you in the social science class.

The second step is ask someone more knowledgeable, like a guidance counselor or even your parents about what is involved in different jobs and careers. They can help you with what you don’t know about career descriptions and speak to you about the perceived advantages and disadvantages. Since they know you so well, they can also suggest some careers they believe are best suited to your personality.

It might seem like a technical process but it’s not that difficult to know what you already love. If you already know what career you want to pursue, great! This will only help you get to know yourself more. If you feel you made a wrong decision, do not be afraid to approach your School’s Counselor to help. I wish you good luck as you make this important decision!

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