Wow! Suddenly, the month of July has crept in and obviously the second half of the year has begun. The one thing on the minds of every student now is Examination. “Exam” is seriously ringing in the air. Every student across the nation is saddled with the responsibility of writing an exam that will decide whether they will be promoted to the next class or not.

This month is jam-packed with several activities. Most schools will be organizing their graduation/end of session party; this implies that student will have to combine class tutorials, preparing for exams and rehearsals together. A smart student should know how to balance them all.

This July edition of B2sl newsletter has been packaged with care just like our old editions to always ensure your personal development and that yours is a success story starting from today till your posterity hence we have selected the topic for this month to be “Conformity and Juvenile Delinquency” so lovelies, even while preparing for your exams you should find time out of your busy schedule to read our inspiring and interesting articles.

Exam tips for you

Read! Read! Read! Do not wait until its exam before you prepare.

Maintain discipline during exam, abstain from exam malpractice.

Adhere to all instruction to the latter.

Beware of over confidence.

Do not be afraid (beware of exam sickness and going blank in the exam hall).

Proofread your work before submission (do not leave any stone unturned)

Lastly, you know B2SL has been enjoining you to be always prepared, well we trust that you will do well; we wish you a successful exam ahead.

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