“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” – Sir Edmund Hillary

You cannot achieve anything in life if you don’t believe in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, no other person will. Even if your parents, teachers, friends, family, or the whole community do not believe in you, you owe yourself the obligation. The press and aviation experts did not appreciate the Wright brothers’ success initially in the United States. But they believed in themselves and went to Europe, where they gained recognition and became wealthy businessmen. Imagine if they had stopped believing in themselves because others did not!

When you become incredibly critical of yourself, downplay your positive achievements, or think you are inferior, it shows that you lack self-belief. Even before others start putting you down, you have stifled all your chances of success because you don’t believe in yourself. People who don’t believe in themselves assume that those who succeed are lucky and tend to blame others for their failures. When you don’t believe in yourself, the motivation to try is lost, and without trying, you can never succeed. The Wright brothers we talked about believed in themselves, and today we can travel faster around the world in planes.

You can increase your self-belief by talking positively to yourself. Come on; you are not as bad as you think you are even if you are at the bottom of the class now or are treated with disdain by others. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you make a mistake. All the people who succeeded made errors many times that you probably don’t know. Don’t compare yourself to others; if you have to, let other people’s success be an inspiration for you. If they can make it, you too can.

Think about the things you are scared of trying right now because you do not think you can succeed in them. I used to hate Mathematics in those days because I was afraid of failing it every time. However, when I faced my fears and decided to learn from others and study independently, I found out that Mathematics is not as complicated as it seemed to me. I want you too to be able to overcome your self-doubt by picking on one difficult thing for you immediately and facing it. Do not worry if you fail!

Remember, if you don’t believe in yourself and what you can do, no one else will. At B2SL, we challenge you to continue to work on improvement until you make it.

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Henry Ibrahim is the Content Creator at B2SL. He loves working with young people to help them discover their purpose in life. You can contact him at ibrahim@b2sl.org.

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  • Henry Ibrahim

    Even others don’t, dare to believe in yourself. That is the springboard of all successes ever recorded in the history of the written world.

  • Sodiq ajadi

    Wow… Interesting

  • Aiyedusho Beatrice

    Always believe in yourself no matter the circumstance you might be and never compare yourself with another person because you don’t know what that person is going through or might be going through so let’s us not compare ourselves with people but with yourself, that is,compare yourself with who you are yesterday and today that’s the only way we can be successful…… nyc writeup

    • Aiyedusho Victoria

      Believing in oneself is the key. Never look down on yourself even when others are. Keep believing because believe brings success.
      Thank you Mr Henry

  • mayowa

    someone else success should be an inspiration for you♥

    • Alade Mariam Faderera

      If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will
      Believe in one self is a step in achieving goals
      Thank you B2SL

  • Noble

    Having a high esteem is very imperative if you are to go further

    To get this you have to believe in yourself

  • Aruleba martins

    Awwwn, inspiring, enlighting and encouraging. Thanks to B2SL

    • Samad

      Thank you so much B2SL , this is inspiring ❤️

  • Omole Eninlaloluwa Richard


    That was fantastic and intriguing

    Thanks to B2SL

  • Maxine

    NYC piece

  • Maxine

    Keep making waves

  • Akindana Oreoluwa

    So educating
    Tnks B2SL

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