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The month of May is here already and reminds us how time flies. The Coronavirus has brought so much uncertainty to the world. We at B2SL hope you are doing your best to slow the spread and save lives by following expert advice which is; wash your hands regularly, stay away from large gatherings as much as possible for now do not be careless!

Our focus this month is on dedication. Dedication means you are committed to a task or purpose according to the Dictionary. Dedication is a virtue that you must have in order to succeed. Dedication is tied to action. It means you are ready and have willingness to start something, do it to the best of your ability, and ensure you complete it. Think about the journey of a thousand miles that begins with a step. You need the first step to start, but it is dedication that ensures that you are able to take all the steps until you reach the thousandth mile.

Do not think of dedication only in terms of thousands of miles which represent demanding tasks such as preparing for a major examination or doing something you have never done. Dedication should be a part of your life in seemingly small things like waking up at a particular time every day or ensuring you complete your house chore regularly.

Do not wait until later. Think about a simple task that you need to be dedicated to. Write it down and dedicate yourself to completing it and see how you have gone after just a few days. It will be great to hear from you how you are building dedication in your life.

Please stay and remain safe and we’ll see on the other side of success.

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  • Alphonsus William

    Good to know and learn about dedication. I have also learned that dedication is tied to action not just convictions or verbal commitment

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