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“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford.

Right from the first week’s blog post of May 2021, we have seen that we cannot build anything significant without teamwork. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to mobilize or form a team to change the world from whatever level you are.Β 

Mobilizing a team that will be successful can be tough to achieve as some people may still be struggling with the team’s vision. You will have to be patient with people to allow them to learn and grow. When mobilizing a team, you must be clear with what you want to achieve with the team. You will then know the kind of people you need in the group. What should their belief or value system be? What should their interests be? What skills should they have? You wouldn’t want to employ the services of a doctor to build a house, would you? If you’re going to form a band of musicians, you look for people who can sing and not people who can farm!

Let’s assume you are trying to get a group of your classmates together to prepare for a forthcoming examination. The first thing you do is write the goal down to know what you are trying to achieve. You then go on to mobilize a team of reading partners that can make this possible. After that, you develop a group contract which is a written or unwritten document that defines the aspirations of every member in the group. In countries, this is called a constitution. In your case, your chosen students should be hard-working, punctual, willing to learn, and ready to abide by the rules of the group.

Because there are so many subjects you take; your team should have people interested in the same topic. There’s no use studying in the same group comprising Physics and Literature students, so you don’t have to be reading and asking questions from people who are not learning the same thing as you. The values and pursuits of those in your group should be the same as yours. I have personally met students who get tired after reading for 30 minutes and some that can read for 2 to 3 hours straight without getting tired. You need to know about these different skills. Some are more comfortable reading late at night, while some prefer reading during the day. Therefore, it is better to form a team with students who have similar reading or studying habits as you.

Mobilizing a successful team is worth it, and I will love to hear about your experience in mobilizing a team in the past or how you intend to mobilize one going forward.Β 





Charles Adimah is an entrepreneur and the Project Manager of B2SL INITIATIVE, where he manages the vision. He is a great believer that a prosperous Nigeria is a product of successful Nigerians. You can reach him via email at

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