Our quest for excellence will only be a pipe dream until we have a plan of achievement. We all should know that not planning at all is already planning to fail. The importance of having a clear daily plan for achieving excellence repeatedly in academics, arts, co-curricular activities, and careers cannot be underestimated. Here are some of the things you should be doing to achieve excellence.


If you want to excel consistently, you must be able to set yearly goals that can be broken down into first, second, and third terms. Without a clear knowledge of what you achieved before; you will not be able to set challenging goals. For example, if you were able to complete a 100meters race at an average of 4minutes last year, you can set a goal to achieve completing the same 100meters race at an average of 3mins:30secs the coming year. One way to set your goals for excellence and be able to evaluate it is by using the SMART method; S-Specific, M-Measurable, A-Achievable, R-Relevant, and T-Time bound. Make sure your goals are written in your personal goal setting notebook to help you review the goals you set to see if you are achieving them or not.


There is no use setting a goal if you will not act on them. To be able to achieve the goals you have set, you must have a well-planned and written timetable that guides how you make good use of your time daily. My advice is to paste your timetable somewhere you can see it easily every day so you can always be reminded of the need to make quality use of your time. You can’t afford to spend 6hours in a day watching films or playing games and not be able to spend the same amount of time studying to achieve excellence. Daily commitments to your goals will help you achieve excellence.


In working towards your goal to achieve excellence, you must always keep track of your progress. This can be done by going through your written goals at least once every week to see if you are on track. Things to check for are; “Did I study as much as I should have this past week? Am I on track to finishing a book or acquiring a skill? Whether you are on track or not will help to keep you motivated and show you where you are making progress and where you need to put in more effort.

If you take these simple steps, your journey to excellence would have started. I encourage you to start the journey today.

If you have a challenge setting goal, creating plans, or tracking your progress, feel free to send an email to and our team members will assist you.

Wish you good luck!

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  • Dele rukayat

    In this plan it show that we should be more hardworking and keep striving for excellence if we are planning at all is planning to fail you are planning to be successful you are not working hard that doesn’t show you are striving to success, as for me to achieve a goal i must be hardworking and also participate in all activities that will enhance my physical growth and also create a time for myself by reading all my books at the right time by puting more effort to my study as much as possible I will surely achieve my goal by hardworking
    Dele rukayat

  • Daniel Nwafor

    Planning to excel in any work be it academics, there must be hard working of the individual which be further broken to setting of goals, making plans on how to attain the goals,and questioning yourself daily whether you are doing all things possible to achieve the set goals.

    GOAL SETTING: It’s usually the first step to planning for excelling in any work.You must try to write down the goals and put all efforts to achieving it.A person planning to excel without a set of goals is not ready for the task at all.
    MAKING PLANS ON TO ACHIEVE THE SET OF GOALS:In this, your efforts is made to be alive in achieving the goals.Setting goals without an alive efforts (working for the goals) will make an individual to be stagnant and just staying visualizing the goals without any move to achieving the goals set.
    CONSTANTLY QUESTIONING YOURSELF:Now comes when you keep working for the goals, there maybe times you have to put question to yourself whether you are still consistent in the goals you set.Here brings an examinations to yourself to know actually if you are still on the track of achieving the goals set.

    Planning to excel have to be a definite planning not an anyhow planning.Eg.A student planning to succeed in academics have to plan ahead of time not planning a day before the examinations.
    Give yourself a proper planning, you see yourself ahead of your weakness and you will be excelling beyond measure.

  • Oyelakin Folarin (FOYE)

    As a student, planning to excel is very important, without a plan to excel, without a plan for excellence, your goals are just imaginations. Note: it is important to always write your goals down. According to research people who write their goals down stand a chance of success than those people who did not.
    Hardworking is the key to excel. You don’t give up on your goals and with hardworking comes positive result. “Satisfaction lies in HARDWORK not in the attainment” by matahma Gandhi.
    SS 2

  • Kolajo Festus


    Planning to excel may be a difficult task for some people while it is the most simple task for some. That’s life, we all have our area of challenges. As the popular “5Ps” implies Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. For someone aiming at a brighter future, proper planning is needed.

    I think for me to excel, hardworking is the key. Hardworking brings promotion, since the creation no lazy fellow have been rewarded if not by voodoo. As I am planning to excel, I will be more hardworking than before. Although, working hard to excel has to become a part and parcel of my life. Reaching the peak of one’s career in life requires hardworking. Without hardworking, no excellence not to talk of success.

    Kolajo Festus

  • Ajayi toluwani


    * I must be able to set goals using the “SMART”method which stands for

    S- specific
    M- measurable
    A- achievable
    R – relevant
    T- time bound.

    * I must be able to plan my time well and also using my time reasonably through creating timetables or setting daily goals in a book so as for me to be able to do the right thing at the right time.

    * I must be able to track my progress by going through my written goals or timetables every week to check how far have gone.

    * I also must take time to study my set goals

    * And for me to be able to aceive all these i mustn’t loose my focus. I must be determined to achieve the goal which I have set.

    Ajayi toluwani

  • Uzoagba Noble


    As a student who is willing to excel, I have planned to stay focused, determined and concentrated on my books. I’ve planned to be more serious even if it means inconveniencing myself. I’ve planned to burn my night candle and learn and understand over eighty percent of what I need to know at this level. I would also ensure that I get to the highest level of education I wish to attain by hardwork and resilience. Finally, I would also make sure that I’ll be diligent enough not to forget these times of small beginnings and also be patient enough to watch my dreams become reality.

  • Ajah Emmanuel

    I have learned a lot from this article.One of the lessons learnt by me is the need for me to have a goal and implement it.If I have a goal and I don’t implement the goal,I could be likened to a man who bought a piece of land,laid its foundation but did not build a house on it.If I am to call a spade a spade and not a shovel, I am like the man described above_my problem is actually implementing my goals. From this article I have been
    able to see where my problem lie.Even though my goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, they are not time bound.
    For my goals to be time bound implies that I need to have a deadline in mind before which I should have implemented my goals. once it exceeds that time and my goals are still not yet a reality, then I am not progressing.So in conclusion, I will make sure that the many goals I have been setting are time bound if I am to achieve excellence

  • Adekola Inioluwa

    Here are by plans;
    I will focus on being committed. I will gain more knowledge cause the more knowledge I gain, the better. Train myself to dismiss negative thoughts I.e thought that will I be able to make it. Minimize distractions. And also I will not rely on others. Challenge myself to beat my own personal records. Being hardworking too cause hardwork is the key if you want to excel. I must be able to set by goals using the smart method:
    S- Smart
    M- Measurable
    A- Achieveable
    R- Relevant
    T- Time bound
    And lastly, Never give up.

  • Oyebamiji Timothy Ayomide

    I will set my goals using the SMART method. Secondly, I will write my goal in a notebook. Also, create a plan and make sure I’m committed to it. Lastly, check whether I’m progressing.
    Oyebamiji Timothy

  • Muhammad Sharif Aliyu

    First consider what you want to achieve and then commit to it. Your plan should be in smart method (relevant)goals that motivate you and write them down to make them feel tangible. Then plan the step you must take realize your goal, and across of each one as you work through them. 2. Always be active on your routine and your time table most be closer to you to be your reminder. Don’t pay attention on something that cannot help you focus on your success. 3. Even once in a week recheck you previous work so that you keep it in your mine are you succeeding or not and this will motivate you any time. Ss3

  • Feranmi

    If you fail to plan,you are planning to fail

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