Take Responsibility of Your Future

Nature over nurture? That is the question. Do you believe you are where you are because of your parents’ influence or because of your own decisions? Take Joyce for instance, who grew up in the worst part of town. Having most of her childhood friends either die from avoidable diseases, killed in cult wars or amount to nothing, she beats the odds and becomes a successful member of the society in her chosen field. And Janet, who grew up in the best part of town, ate at the best places, graduated together with all her friends and can’t seem to succeed at anything over twenty years later. Were they born that way or did their parents nurture lead them to where they ended up?

I believe our parents play a grand role in what happens to us. They give us a cultural, religious and moral foundation. They pay our school fees and send us on trips according to their income. They do as much as they can for most of us, creating an enabling environment in the home for us to thrive. However, the major decision making starts with us. We should make the right choices in every step of our lives, bearing in mind that our parents can give us guidance when we stumble. We should display the right character and attitude to everything, whether someone is watching or not.

No matter the cards life deals us, our response to every situation makes the difference. Make the decision to do the right thing no matter your upbringing!

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