The Art of Making Friends

Who would have thought there was an art to making friends? For some people, it is a way of life. Their character and personality draws people to them, for others it’s a different story entirely.

I’ll give you a few tips on making friends.

The first tip is “Be open”. You can make friends at a lot of different places like your place of worship, your school or any other place you visit. When you meet new people, always start with a smile. It helps to soften your face and encourage people to speak to you.

The second tip is “Do not sit alone”! Yes, it’s nice to have a little time to yourself but sitting alone every time makes people think you’re closed off and not interested.

The third tip is “Talk”! Do not be afraid to start a pleasant conversation. Do so with a greeting and a compliment. Don’t be shy to ask questions or throw a few jokes into the conversation. There are an abundance of topics from the weather to politics, school and travel.

The last tip is “Introduce yourself”! Don’t forget to ask for the names of your acquaintances and if you’re comfortable with them, their social media handles or phone numbers.

Take note that while it’s great to make new friends, you should be careful of people who constantly talk down to you or speak badly about you. Such friends are not good for your self esteem and ultimately do more harm than good. Life is not a race and shouldn’t be all about competition. 

So while it’s nice to have friends that push you to be better, balance it out with those with whom you can be yourself. A true friend is loyal, trustworthy, reliable and always keeps in touch.

Lucius Seneca says that one of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and be understood. Well, who needs enemies when you can have great friends! 

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