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According to the dictionary, excellence is the possession of good qualities to an eminent or lofty degree. There is always something remarkable about people who put in great effort to achieve things. People who carry an air of exception around always exceed expectations. However, exceptionality comes at a price of commitment, discipline, focus, hard work, and consistency. The level of your sacrifices determines the status of your reward.

One of the rewards of excellence is elevation. Elevation projects you into new heights with a lot of merit and opportunities than the previous height. One who excels in a particular pursuit, such as winning an essay, singing, or winning a sports competition, stands the chance of elevation. When you put in the required hours of practice into that competition or the necessary hours of study for you to excel, the top is your destination.

Striving for excellence increases your knowledge and potentials in everything you do. When you start putting wholehearted effort into the things you do, you will soon find that you are growing beyond what you expected. You will then see your original ability multiply. As a result, every area of your life will start to improve. The increase in your capacity and ability will reward you with excellence. 

Excellence also distinguishes you from others. People will not overlook your efforts when they see you doing well. For example, as a student, when you get a good grade in class, you stand out from others, you become outstanding in that class.  People will acknowledge your intelligence. In that case, your sacrifices are rewarding you with excellence.

Excellence also rewards you with scholarships and promotions. Promotion in your career, academics, etc. How good will it be to see yourself advancing as an employee to attain a management position because of your efforts?

In conclusion, excellence is an attitude. When we cultivate that attitude in our everyday life, our success is guaranteed. 




Ayomide Blessing is a Secondary School student in Nigeria. She is dedicated to success in her academics and future career. She is a member of B2SL Success Hub.

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