“He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.” – Thomas Jefferson

Knowledge is said to be the currency of destiny that determines ones’ purchasing power in the marketplace of life. Our ability to get the most out of life depends on how much we know and how well we use our knowledge. However, many people have used what they learned in the wrong way, with negative impacts on them and humanity. For example, Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin of Uganda abused knowledge combined with the power they had to manipulate humans for their selfish and greedy agenda.

Man has evolved from a simple primate to a complex intellectual being and has used knowledge to solve seemingly impossible problems. For instance, the invention of automobiles, telecommunication gadgets, ATMs, and lots more came into existence due to the wealth of knowledge man has. Knowledge makes you powerful and puts you at an advantage over others. But you must refrain from exploiting and manipulating others because of what you know.

You may have seen some students who prepare expos or what is known as “gadgets” to enter the exam hall. I think they will have better results if they channel the time and creativity they use in preparing those chips to read their books. Some students take advantage of their illiterate parents to ask for fees such as Medulla Oblongata money. You should not use your knowledge to cheat your parents or anyone.

Some students also misuse their knowledge of a subject to mock the ignorance of others. What you know should be for the good of others and not just yourself. Suppose you understand a concept in economics or Information Technology better. In that case, you should be willing to share what you know rather than keeping it to yourself and mocking every other person.  

Some people use their knowledge to falsify, tamper or even wholly change records and other vital documents, which may cause loss to an organization or person. When people act like this, we have a world devoid of morals, empathy, and sympathy. 

Finally, try to be productive but not in the wrong assignment. You should use your knowledge correctly.

I encourage you to keep using your knowledge in the right way, and we can be sure of a better world.





Henry Ibrahim is the Content Creator at B2SL. He loves working with young people to help them discover their purpose in life. You can contact him at

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  • Emmanuella

    Food for thought 👌

  • Jimoh Nofisat

    Though knowledge is a light which everyone should have and be used on a good way in other to benefit others but when knowledge is used in a wrong way,it can manipulate and change the world into devoid of morals

  • Oyebamiji Timothy Ayomide

    Knowledge should be used the right way

  • Maxine

    True fact

  • Henry Ibrahim

    When people wrongly use their knowledge we will end up having a world devoid of morals, empathy, and sympathy…. This one got me thinking

    • Yusuf Paul adebayo

      “We should be willing and able to share our knowledge with others and not keep it to ourselves”, actually I like that statement, many do that and have lent knew things from this blot thanks to Mr Henry.

      • Miss Angel

        One should use his or her knowledge in a good way.

  • Ajilore Daniel O.

    Indeed, Knowledge is a function of our ability to conform to the activities on the world and to Ace up opportunities whenever it creeps up….the judicious advise is that we need to apply this knowledge in the right way… nothing more 💯

  • Aiyedusho Beatrice

    We should use our knowledge properly and try to be productive with it…….we shouldn’t make fun of others bcus of what we know and they don’t know but instead we should try to expose them to the knowledge we know…..tank you Mr Henry

  • Blessing

    Knowledge, the way of life
    Nothing becomes easy without adequate knowledge about it.
    Knowledge shared gives room to gain more knowledge

  • Ogunorunyimika Omojola

    Let’s always endeavor to share our knowledge with whoever is willing to gain because ignorance is of no benefit while knowledge is power. Don’t make jest of any person because of lack of knowledge or because of having wrong information because you can never tell, it could save lives.

  • Babajide Temiloluwa

    Hmm…. Use your knowledge well!

  • Aiyedusho Victoria

    At any point in life, we should always use our knowledge positively and we shouldn’t be greedy with it. Thank you Mr Henry, more power sir.

  • Ajani Ayomide

    It’s good to gain knowledge but you exploiting people with the knowledge you’ve gained is wrong. Since you know something,why not share with others instead of keeping to yourself? Selfishness is really a terrible thing.

  • Dra Zay

    Thanks, fact that I must abide with

  • Uzoagba Noble

    I learnt alot.

  • Ajah Emmanuel

    From this piece, I got to learn that whatever knowledge I gain is useless if I can’t use it for the betterment of others life

  • Thomas Ayomide

    Thanks B2SL 🙏

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