Knowledge is the treasure of a wise man – Anonymous.

The dictionary defines knowledge as facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education. If you know how to swim, you would probably have learned how to float, breathe underwater, move your whole body in a coordinated manner forward or backward, etc. If you did not learn by yourself, someone must have taught you. If you go to a pool, you can immediately differentiate the people who know how to swim from those who cannot. Those who cannot swim will not know how to float, breathe underwater, or move their body in a coordinated manner. In life, before you can do anything, you must know something!

If you look closely at those who excel in their fields, you will observe that they know something more than others. Professional singers know how to pick the right key and pitch, just like experienced teachers know the correct information to provide to their students in a stimulating way. Professional cooks know how to mix the right ingredients for the right taste; doctors diagnose illnesses and prescribe the proper medication. In all the professions mentioned, you will observe that the difference between them and the average person is their knowledge over time. I will highlight three benefits of expertise below.



The knowledge you have about a subject serves as raw materials for thinking. I once had an experience in a paint factory where a small fire broke out. We use a lot of chemicals in making paint, and most of them are highly flammable. A small fire caused by a bit of carelessness can cause damages worth millions of dollars. A lady in the factory who knew the suitable fire extinguisher to use put the fire off. Why was she able to put the fire off and avoid heavy financial loss? She knew the correct extinguisher to use. She was able to put the fire off because she knew what to do in the circumstance. Just imagine if she did not know what to do at that time. Once your knowledge increases, your thinking capability will improve.



Knowledge is expensive because it empowers you to solve problems. As far as humans exist, there will always be problems to solve. And as far as you can solve problems for people, your pay cheque is guaranteed. All you need to do is empower yourself with the required knowledge to continue to be a solution provider. People will be willing to pay you if you can help them save time or money, take care of the things they cannot, allow them to be more organized, etc. Once you know this, you can investigate an area where people need help and provide solutions. You can start from the immediate environment. What are the challenges that people face? What knowledge can you get to be of service?



Knowledge inspires hope in you because your perspective will be different from those who do not know. Have you ever wondered why people go to doctors when they are ill? Because doctors know about diseases, illnesses, and cures, people run to them when they are sick. What are they doing? They are hoping that the doctor will give them some medication to get well. Notice that the patient does not have to know the cure. But knowing a doctor who knows the treatment inspires hope of getting better.

What knowledge are you acquiring now? How will it benefit you and those around you? Let me know in the comments section below, or feel free to ask any questions you may have.

I wish you all the best. 




Besidone Ebule is the Project Director at B2SL, where he works to encourage personal development and build success networks. You can contact him at


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  • Ayomide Thomas

    Knowledge breeds Hope
    When I study very hard to achieve my dreams, that knowledge I had acquired while studying has given me hope to become who I want to be
    And also your thinking capability is enhanced when you have knowledge

  • Temmy

    Knowledge is power indeed….
    It gives hope and inpire others and you. That’s power itself..

  • Ejiroghene atunure

    Knowledge brings about determination to know and to do more. You having knowledge gives u the desire to also knke more. I also think that without knowledge everything we do is very risky. But the little knowledge acquired helps in solving problems.

  • Oluwa Nikky

    Knowledge improves thinking
    The knowledge you have about determines your thinking about that thing. If you have a knowledge of a subject then you won’t think negatively about the subject.
    And also the knowledge you have about your career gives you hope to work towards it

  • Williams Churchill

    Like I said the other day… “A man is not described as Knowledgeable not because he knows it, it’s simply because he understands them and put them into action”.
    Why do you think Professionals succeed??
    It’s simply because they put their knowledge, ideas and fact into consideration and take action…
    Like one of my favorite mentor, Pastor Chris, he would say, “Don’t just say or think of it, Do it!!!.
    You have to take it to action, that’s what makes him Knowledgeable.
    Einstein never became father of modern physics just because he knows theory of relativity and how space time works, It’s because he practicalized them, made them actions, theories about them.
    Like a scientist said, “A man is considered wise because of what he ‘does’… and that’s it…
    It’s simply because he puts his/her knowledge into actions.
    Thank you.

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