Do you know that humans by nature are social? This explains why we naturally seek to connect and interact with one another for various reasons. And the result can either be positive or negative depending on our approach. Today, I want to show you how you can birth build and grow meaningful relationships using the power of modern technology like social media.

Birthing Relationship – Show yourself friendly

It is important to know that technology on its own cannot help you birth a relationship without you initiating the process. That is to say that technology in itself is just a tool and tools don’t use themselves. To make the most of technologies like social media in birthing relationships you must first be a person who naturally loves making friends. King Solomon in the bible said, “He that wants friends must show himself friendly”.

Building Relationships – Deliver quality content

Showing yourself friendly simply means that you should have something to offer. You must bring some value on board. And in the world of the internet that value is called content. Content could be anything like a video, image, jokes, news, or any piece of information that would be of value to someone else. The best way to tell if your content is good for others is by sincerely asking yourself if it’s good for you. If it’s good for you then, no doubt, it would be good for others too.

Growing Relationships – Increase your influence

The more you share content, the friendlier you become and the more friends you attract to your circle of influence. In computer networking there are basically two key components, these are the server and the client. The server carries the resources while the clients utilize those resources. And as long as the server has resources to share the other computers will remain connected and dependent on it. In social networking it’s exactly the same principle that applies. That means as long as you remain valuable to people they will keep following you whether online or offline.

Rewarding Relationships – Motivation for more

Finally, as your social network increases you should begin to think of ways to start getting commercial value as returns for all your efforts. This is very important because it is what will keep motivating you to provide more values for others. This means that your social network must positively affect you financial net worth. Understanding this point was what made someone like Linda Ikeji. She became Nigeria’s foremost blogger and a multi-millionaire by providing valuable information to the world and getting paid in return. Friends, you too can become the next Linda Ikeji. If you have a phone then you have virtually everything you need to get information from any part of the world and to share your content with the whole world. So, why not start building your social network today. You may not end up reaching one million followers or making a million dollar, but one thing is certain you will end up changing one more life for good. And if that is all you achieved by building a social network then your effort will be worth it. I believe in you. God bless you deeply!

Ohimai Abraham is a life and leadership transformation coach, author and speaker. He is president and founder of Firstborn Mandate International, an organization that pursues a goal of activating leadership potentials in 1,000,000 Africans.d

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