“Belief in oneself and knowing who you are, I mean, that’s the foundation for everything great.” – Jay-Z

If you can answer the question why accurately, you will be an influential person. There will always be one or more things that will make you doubt yourself so much wherever you are now. But the moment you see why you should believe in yourself, everything changes. Asking yourself this question and getting the correct answer is the foundation to achieving greatness.

Les Brown (born 1945) is an American motivational speaker. Born into poverty and abandoned as a child, Brown was overactive and mischievous. He struggled in school, finding it impossible to concentrate. Most people labeled him as mentally disabled in the fifth grade. It was a label that made him not believe in himself. 

However, a dedicated teacher called LeRoy Washington believed in his potential. When Brown once told Washington in class that he couldn’t perform a task because he was educable mentally disabled, he responded by saying, “Do not ever say that again! “Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.” These words made Brown start believing in himself and free himself from the negative label of others. Fast forward to the present, Les Brown is one of America’s best-known and highest-paid motivational speakers. His company, Les Brown Unlimited Inc., has made millions of dollars from selling motivational materials.

When you don’t believe in yourself, you will accept any negative opinion from anyone or society. You start doubting yourself if you can do anything significant, leading you to a place of doubt where all you see are reasons why you cannot pursue your dreams. You start counting yourself out when you could lead people to achieve something because you think you cannot teach yourself not to talk of leading others.

But just like Les Brown, who started believing himself at one point, before his life started taking the right path to the success he now has. It would help if you also started believing in yourself, throw away those negative opinions of people about you, stop doubting yourself and start thinking about your ability to become whoever you want to become. Without this, you won’t achieve much in the future, as believing in yourself is the foundation to your greatness.

I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section. Let me know what you learned from this article and ask questions for clarity or reach out to us if you need any assistance.




Charles Adimah is an entrepreneur and the Project Manager of B2SL INITIATIVE, where he manages the vision. He is a great believer that a prosperous Nigeria is a product of successful Nigerians. You can reach him via email at charles@b2sl.org.

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  • Ajani Ayomide

    Only when we refuse to allow others opinion about us define who we are,can we come out with something big 🙇.

  • Drä Zay

    Only belief in yourself without listen to negativity from people can help and assist individuals to complete his/her race 👌.

  • Abiola Opeyemi

    People’s negative opinion doesn’t matter in as much as I believe in myself and work towards achieving my aims

  • Mohammed Sharif Aliyu

    Believe in your self and go forward to your ambition don’t let some opinion influence you

  • Sam samclephsticks

    Donot let people’s opinion stop you from believing in yourself…

  • Sunday Miracle

    People’s negative opinion doesn’t matter in as much as I believe in myself that’s it

  • Jimoh Nofisat

    Les Brown started believing in himself when he started rejecting negative words of him from people
    So,when we start rejecting negative words from people to us,then we start believing in ourselves.

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