“With hard work and effort, you can achieve anything”- Antoine Griezmann.

Working hard is a positive reinforcement to working smart. Hard work is the ability to take one’s work seriously by doing it well and rapidly. On the other hand, innovative work is prioritizing and planning your tasks for better results. For example, you could work hard trying to cut a tree with a blunt axe, however, it would be wise to sharpen the axe properly to make the job easier. It would help if you had a mixture of both hard and smart work to achieve success.

If you want to achieve your goals, you must brace yourself up for hard work and ensure to build yourself up by learning from others who have gone ahead of you. Then it would help if you had a plan of how you intend to achieve your goals. For instance, if you had three different subjects to study, you could break the study into one matter in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Finally, there are some soft skills that you need that will bolster your hard and smart work.Β 

One of the soft skills you need is integrity. Integrity is an essential skill for everyone who is working hard and smart to achieve their goals. Integrity makes every relationship and action built on trust. When you work with integrity, it helps add value to your goals and makes you valuable to those around you.

One of the ways to continue to work hard is to empower yourself. For example, you can read books and study how other people who have succeeded did so. Empowerment puts you in leadership. You can also see through your difficulties and keep pushing through regardless of your ups and downs.Β 

You need to nurture your goals and have faith in what you do. You also need to understand yourself and your potential and connect with those around you to succeed. Finally, you need to activate and sharpen your passion, protect and strengthen your passion and keep practicing reaching and sustaining your goals.

Let’s continue to work hard and smart to achieve our goals and make the world a better place.




Monsurat Kolawole is a secondary school student in Nigeria. She is dedicated to success in her academics and future career. She is a member of B2SL Success Hub.

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  • Kolawole Monsurat

    Awesome πŸ‘

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      Awesome nice quote keep up the good work

    • Olajire Daniel

      Wow,this is great…. this book you wrote give a kind of urge for success…
      Hope to see more of your write ups….

  • Omole Eninlaloluwa Richard

    Smart work + Hardwork = Success

    Thanks dear for this wonderful write-up

  • Yusuf Paul adebayo

    What a wonderful write-up,i will try to work on this

    • Ayomide Thomas

      Nice write up ✌️

  • Ajace

    Wow this is very captivating
    Hard work isn’t enough
    Hard work coupled with smart work is better

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    Interesting 🀝🀝

  • Olaleye Teniola

    Hmmm just the the way I wanted
    New motivational quotes of the evening.

  • Okino shedrach

    In this blog I learnt that one must brace him or herself up for hard work and ensure to build him/herself up by learning from others who have gone ahead of them.
    And I also learnt that hard work leads to success not failure

  • Reply

    Wow it is encouraging dear
    Keep it up πŸ‘

  • Abeedah Alabi

    “One of the soft skills you need is integrity”

    I’m borrowing thisπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽˆ

    Thanks Monsurah

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    • Aruleba martins

      Hard work+ Smart work=Success

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    It’s such a good article
    Keep its up πŸ™β€οΈ

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    Amazingly great

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