“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Our Project Director at B2SL INITIATIVE, Besidone Ebule, usually reminds us of the need to focus more on doing small things every day instead of speaking of big things daily.

Don’t get me wrong here. It’s okay to want to be called a person of excellence in doing great things. But the issue is that every student wants to become great by getting excellent academic and future careers. Amidst this kind of dream, most students ignore the small things they need to do daily.

Academic excellence does not just show up automatically on the big occasions like being the best in your class or studying your dream course someday. Academic excellence shows up in what you do with your time every day. You can tell what kind of result you will get academically by merely looking at what you spend your time daily.

Do a reality check today on your academics. You can do this by looking at your last term result. What did you score in the different subjects? If the scores didn’t improve compared to the previous term, it means you are not on track to academic excellence. Your result will show academic excellence when you continually improve on every subject on a termly basis.

The best way to predict a future of academic excellence on the big stage is by creating it. Whether your story will be one of academic excellence or not is dependent on whether you want to make it that way or not. You are the solution to your academic excellence. So, what are you creating, or what have you produced so far? Go ahead and create your own educational excellence story with the assistance that B2SL INITIATIVE offers to secondary school students across Nigeria.

The fact is that before any student can achieve academic excellence from term to term, that student must be a student that is doing small things in a significant way with the hope of achieving great things. When you do this, you demonstrate how you use your time daily.

I love to hear your story on the small things you are doing in a significant way in your academics daily via the comment section. I will also be looking forward to your questions on academic excellence.




Charles Adimah is an entrepreneur and the Project Manager of B2SL INITIATIVE, where he manages the vision. He is a great believer that a prosperous Nigeria is a product of successful Nigerians. You can reach him via email at

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  • Ajilore Daniel O.

    “The best way to predict a future of academic excellence on the big stage is by creating it…”
    Ben Carson said “Think beyond the can”….we have the potential, try to judiciously utilize every opportunity and chances that comes our way, it is not profitable to start with the extreme, because one might end up drained….πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

    # Think big
    # Resolutions
    God bless B2Sl

  • ihekuna emmanuel

    One thing about life is being able to achieve your dream irrespective of the time it comes.. Determination is the most important step to achieving academic success
    Its not all about being the best in class because the last in class can be so determined and eventually become the first.
    To excel academically,one must be prayerful,committed, hardworking and most importantly be determined because if you are not determined to get what you want,that would be a barrier in achieving it
    So I encourage every one out there to be determined in what ever they do,not only academically but in all areas of life
    #Stay focused

  • Oyewale Toluwanimi

    One thing needed to achieve academic excellence is determination and focus. It’s all about been determined to achieve success academics and preventing any form of distractions from coming to one’s way. To achieve academic success, determination, focus, hardwork and avoiding procrastination are needed. Above all believe, it can be done. Believing it’s possible is taking a step towards success.

  • Sodiq ajadi

    In the post I learn that doing small things is better than showing people what you know.
    One thing about this life is to achieve your goal, dream and focus about your future.
    Before I don’t really take education serious before but since I join this group I no everything is possible by know what u are doing.
    Since I join this group I learn to create ur own time table by that u we excel.

  • Prince

    Nice one sir more knowledge.

    • Ana

      Achieving academic excellence isn’t just about being the best in one’s class, it’s about the things you do daily so as to improve yourself,one shouldn’t just remain at a point saying after all I’m the best in my class.
      That’s your class limit,one should put in extra effort so as to fit in and be even better than others…

      Thanks to B2SL…
      God bless you…

  • Omole Eninlaloluwa

    Very intriguing And Educating

    The success of one is determined by what one does time to time

    #think wide
    #maximum utility

    • Aiyedusho Beatrice

      Excellence is a gradual thing and not just a day’s work,it’s based on steps and what we use our time doing determines if we would be excellent or not so let’s use the time we have to do small things extraordinarily. Lets also note that:Anything worth doing is worth doing well….thank you

      • Aruleba martins

        God bless B2sl

    • Oluwatoyin

      Wow the blog post is actually accurate
      I once said “your daily routines determine your future”

      We need to start doing small things daily rather than speaking big things daily πŸ‘ŒI grab that πŸ‘‹

      #Think extreme 🧠
      #Thanks a bunch B2SL

  • Uzoagba Noble

    One thing I would stop doing is to spend my time on irrelevant things.

    Rather i would concentrate on things that would help me make a bright future. Things that would help me achieve my dreams.

  • Oyebamiji Timothy Ayomide

    I will attend class regularly
    I will copy my notes
    I will do my assignments
    I will read my books

  • Kolawole Monsurat

    Wow….this is inspiring
    Nice one sir

    • Kuye Nofisat

      This is really Educating
      You are the solution to your academic excellence
      I have digested itπŸ™Œ
      Big thanks to you sirπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  • Okoye joy

    Yeah…. that’s true.i once heard that a champion’s food is not cereals but challenge
    So to bevexcellent in our academic, we need to challenge ourselves.

    • Oyedeji ifeoluwa

      This is good sir
      We mustn’t relent on our academio we must improve day by day

  • Kolajo Festus

    One of the biggest dreams of every student.

  • Aiyedusho Victoria

    Working towards excellence doesn’t mean we should avoid the small things that are important. Small things like reading our books, count in excellence too. Thank you Sir.

  • Fortune

    Little drops of water, they say, make a mighty ocean.. So doing little things in a significant way, would contrbute immensely to our success in the end

    • Daniel Nwafor

      Our time is a factor of being excellent in anything.

  • Olufemi Samuel

    Wow so inspiring and didatic
    I really gained a lot

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