“Knowledge is power”. – Francis Bacon.

Imagine a brand new Toyota car, possibly the latest model. This car has not been used for more than 2 weeks. The engine together with other parts of the car is working effectively. This car is set to embark on a seven-hour journey. Just when the driver was about to ignite the car, he noticed that the tank was empty.

The above illustration shows the problem that results from lacking knowledge. The car represents our mind, the fuel represents knowledge, and the seven-hour journey represents the journey to success. If our mind lacks fuel(knowledge), it wouldn’t move an inch in this journey even if other requirements are met. This shows just how instrumental knowledge is in succeeding. If it is really important for success, what then are the demerits or problems that come from a lack of it?

A person who lacks knowledge would not grow. According to Wikipedia, knowledge is the familiarity with something such as skills that contribute to understanding. As the world becomes more sophisticated each passing day, it becomes very important to learn some skills which would help us understand it. The learning of these skills is a form of knowledge acquisition. A person who lacks knowledge would undoubtedly not keep pace with our ever-growing world.

In addition, a lack of knowledge impedes problem-solving. The late Governor of Oyo State once said; “Life is about solving problems. As you solve a problem, another one comes up.”

How true those words are! Knowledge is important in solving problems. The knowledge gained from scientific studies has been used over the years to solve problems involving agriculture, health, housing, communication, transportation and so on. So, another problem that emanates from not acquiring knowledge is the inability to solve real-life problems.

It is also quite important to point out that knowledge makes us more intelligent. The more knowledge we gain and apply in solving problems, the wiser we become. There is an asymmetry between leaders of the world and the intelligent folks – they all strive for knowledge. The heights reached by great men is majorly a result of knowledge acquisition. Unarguably, knowledge is important to be intelligent.

In conclusion, the acquisition of knowledge is very imperative. Lack of knowledge results in not keeping pace with our ever-growing world, inability to solve life’s problems and also being unintelligent. Looking forward to your comment in the comments section.




Beatrice and Emmanuel are post-secondary school students. They are dedicated to success in their academics and future careers. They are members of the B2SL Success Hub.

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  • Oyebamiji Timothy Ayomide

    Lack of knowledge is a disease

  • Abubakar Suleiman

    This is very impressive

  • Emi Omo getto

    This is very interesting asin I must say I have learnt alot from this….. I have reach a stage of life that I understand that knowledge is power only when you can make good use of it. Reason been that alot of people do have access to vital info(knowledge), now instead of them picking the real message rather they go for the irrelevant ones in it. One more thing is that people should be aware that the peak of knowledge attained and utilized adequately by an individual determines how great someone can be.
    I hereby use this medium to thank B2SL for their efforts towards making great future leaders. Stay blessed…..

  • Jegede Samuel

    Without knowledge of what you are doing , you have no power

    • Success Bridge

      How has knowledge given you power?

    • Aiyedusho Beatrice

      Wowwwwww, Without knowledge, we are like an empty vessel, thanks for this Emmanuel, more power

  • Jegede Samuel

    Knowledge is truly power

  • Emi Omo getto

    The real message is that “if we strive to increase our knowledge for the benefit of human, it will make a difference in we ourselves and the world”.

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