“By doing something repeatedly, one’s mind becomes sharper. It teaches dedication.” – Shriya Saran.

Who can believe we’ve already started a new year? Well, that’s how it is with the passing of time! We wish you a happy and prosperous new year from B2SL. 2021 was indeed a year with many milestones, and we are so glad that you made it to the new year. If you feel like you did not reach your goals in 2021, don’t worry about the past, this new year offers another opportunity to strategize afresh and conquer. We hope to inspire you to succeed in 2022 with your permission.

Our value focus for January is dedication. It is a good time of the year to talk about it because most people usually write new year’s resolutions in January or promise to follow through with their dreams, goals, and vision. You may have heard of the practice or even engaged in it yourself. Sadly, the statistics have revealed that over 90% of people who make new year resolutions ditch them before the middle of February forever. If ten people made a new year resolution, only one would stick to it! The question then would be, did you keep the ones you made last year? If not, how do you intend to keep the ones you may have made or will make this year?

Resolutions or goals are not bad because they give you a sense of direction and tell you if you are on track to success. Imagine if you had a game of football without a goal post! The players would just be running around the field aimlessly for 90 minutes without achieving anything. In the same way, when you have goals you are chasing, such as finishing a book, gaining admission, learning a new skill, etc., they help you to be focused. A person who has a goal is better than a person who has none. So, we encourage you to have achievable goals and write them down. However, you must understand that success is more than just writing down on paper.

For you to achieve any goal, you must be dedicated. The Cambridge dictionary defines dedication as the willingness to give a lot of time and energy to something because it is crucial. Most people underestimate the process of success. Whether learning a new skill, going to university, or completing a book, the process is the same. It would help if you committed time and energy to achieve them. 

As you start this year 2022, don’t just shoot aimlessly; instead, ensure that you have goals that you are willing to spend time and energy on. That is the only way to succeed. If you follow this principle, you will be smiling at the end of the year.

What are your goals this year? Are you ready to give them time and energy? If you are not prepared to do that, we advise you to reconsider your plans.

We are always here to help at B2SL. Let us know if you have any issues, comments, or questions about this topic in the comments section below.

Happy new and prosperous year once again.

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  • Festus

    I really appreciate your time and effort towards the development of future leaders. As you said earlier, “Resolutions or goals are not bad because they give you a sense of direction and tell you if you are on track to success.” So definitely without goal there is no motivation. No goal will only lead to drifting which won’t bring happiness to oneself. So I believe that if you want to achieve your goals you must be dedicated and be self motivated. Once again I appreciate your effort. Happy new year to b2sl.

  • Ejiroghene atunure

    When you are dedicated to doing something and you set a goal, you can definitely achieve it despite the challenges involved

    • Sammy999

      First I wanna appreciate the
      May God continue to strengthen the organization, and the admins Mr Charles and miss Jocelyn I salute you guys for the seed you have planted in our lives.
      So dedication is as the willingness to give a lot of time and energy to something because it is crucial.
      This means giving time to valuable things that can useful to a person life, that even your life will thank you for it. Like reading a new books, learning a new skills etc

  • Ajace

    The gap between one’s dreams and what one is now is just ACTION.Without action,our dreams die with us for years.Dedication is a quality that offers us the opportunity to follow through on our dreams and see them being achieved.

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