“Luck is great, but most of life is hard work” – Lain Duncan Smith.

It is the beginning of a new month, and who can believe that we are in the 11th month of the year already. We have just about 61 days until the beginning of another year! This year has been a challenging year for most people worldwide, especially with the Coronavirus pandemic and the attendant social and economic consequences. We have shown remarkable resilience in staying afloat up till now, and we can only hope for better days ahead.

Our value focus for November at B2SL is hard work. Without a doubt, you cannot succeed in life if you do not work hard. Many people get scared at the thought of hard work because of the connotation of stress, discomfort, and sustained effort associated with it. Hard work is just like a bitter pill to swallow, yet if we want to succeed, we must work hard just as we swallow bitter pills if we’re going to get well.

So, what is hard work? The online dictionary defines hard work as a great deal of effort or endurance. Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines hardworking as constantly, regularly, or habitually engaged in earnest and energetic work. We can learn from these definitions that everything in life requires effort, from walking to talking, reading to writing, exercising, playing, etc. The second thing we can learn from the definition is that we must put in extra effort if we want to succeed. The extra effort is the game-changer.

One common trend with all successful people is that they put extra effort into winning the prize. For example, throughout the term, you learn different topics in different subjects. At the end of the period, your success will largely depend on how much extra effort you have put into mastering the exercises and examples so you can answer the questions correctly. If you do not put in extra effort to master the topics and answer the questions correctly, you will fail.

How you get your grades in school is not different from how you get your reward in life and become successful. When people want your service or product, they want to see how much extra effort you have put in to satisfy them. The level of effort you put into what you do will determine people’s satisfaction and their willingness to patronize you repeatedly.

As you build yourself up for success, try to imbibe a mindset of hard work into what you do. Think about how you can put in extra effort to improve yourself. Whether it is in your writing, singing, coding, studying, or whatever career you choose. Hard work will not kill you; it will only ensure that you are successful.

As we start the month on a high note of hard work, we would love to hear your experiences or questions in the comments section below.

We wish you all the best.

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  • Henry

    The level of effort you put into what you do will determine people’s satisfaction and their willingness to patronize you repeatedly…..that means the more time and attention I paid in cooking my stuff will determine its acceptability in the market.

  • Ejiroghene atunure

    Hard work is defined as the consistent engaging in an energetic work. Human can be engaged in different activities e.g reading,writing, playing ball e.t.c. but consistently putting more effort can result in Hardwork. We can only be the best among others if we think above what others think (thinking outside the box). Many successful people made it today by trying but due to progress they decided to put more effort and this involves hard work. A quote goes the root of education is bitter but the fruit is sweet, so therefore I think trying to be the best us stressful but being the best is honourable to us and others. Another quote says ” he who fails to plan, plan to fail “. This is because it’s only through hardwork u can plan to succeed.

  • Noble

    The extra effort(hardwork)you put into your growth and development is what would make you stand out amongst your peers

  • Ajilore Daniel O.

    Hardwork will earn one substantial credit than the expected credit. By being hardworking means putting in lots of extra efforts into ones purposeful area of interest and passion in life. The amount of energy you give towards a thing is proportional to the result you get. The more the strategy and energy , the better the result will yield. This is life more of science.

  • Maryam oduola

    Hardwork is the only way to success in this world without hardwork there is nothing like success
    As a student please let us try to work harder to achieve our aims oo

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